Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season is Here … Again!

In Pool Safety by Platinum Pools

Platinum Pools issues a yearly blog about the hurricane season; this year is no exception. We want to keep our customers informed. The amount of new pool owners has increased since the pandemic, and we cannot have them stay without knowing what to do or how to prepare for weather that can affect their home and the pool. So, let’s look at how to protect your oasis from a hurricane

Before Hurricane Season Pool Tips

  • Secure your Children – Keep your children away while securing your swimming pool. Avoid any accidents, especially right before a hurricane.
  • Outdoor Furniture – It is a mistake to place outdoor furniture in a swimming pool. It can splinter and damage the finish in the pool. Store your outdoor furniture inside the house.  
  • Pick Up Everything Around the Backyard – Toys, ornaments, and plant pots can become projectiles.  
  • Keep the water in the Pool – Believe it or not, water helps keep the in-ground pool in shape and prevents it from cracking or popping out of the ground. Do not worry about water overflowing; it will help to drain excess water. 
  • Shock the Pool – Additional chlorine helps prevent contamination. Pool experts recommend liquid or powder chlorine. The oasis can also provide a significant amount of water for washing, cleaning, or discharging toilets after the storm. Lastly, don’t allow anyone to use the oasis. 
  • Circuit Breaker – Protect the circuit breaker from the pool. Shut it off, let it cool, and cover it tightly with a waterproof cover.
  • Disconnect Any Equipment – Disconnect anything from propane gas tanks and electrical systems.
  • Safety Fence – Avoid the gusty winds blow away the safety fence. As long as a concrete foundation does not hold it, remove it from the pool.
  • Awnings – If you have canvas awnings in your backyard, remove them and place them inside your home.
  • Pruning – Prune your trees and hedges.
  • Outdoor Cooking Artifacts – Store the grill or barbecue, and don’t use it in the house or garage. 
  • Have Your Documents Ready – If the neighborhood falls in an evacuation zone, have ID cards, house deeds, birth certificates, health insurance cards, and insurance papers with you inside a waterproof sealed bag.

Ensure that the family is safe after the hurricane season. If you evacuate, wait until a safety official confirms that it is safe to return to your neighborhood.  

After Hurricane Pool Tips

Ensuring that the property is undamaged after Hurricane season is not only on the surface but also on many items to inspect, such as electricity, water sources, and more. When it comes to a swimming pool, here are some tips to make inspection easier: 

  • No-Zone Pool – Don’t allow anyone close to the oasis, especially children. 
  • Inspect the pool equipment – Check if there are any damaged cables or equipment.
  • Call a Pool Professional – It’s always advisable to contact a pool company to test, repair, or replace damaged parts. 
  • Don’t Drain the Pool – It is not a good idea to drain water from the pool. It is best to remove any debris from the oasis. It will help to avoid any damage or staining in the pool. 

Inspect the Pool 

  1. Empty the skimmer and baskets from any accumulated debris to ensure a good filtration and circulation of water in the oasis. 
  2. Avoid a swimming pool from becoming a mosquito breeding zone. Chlorinate the water and keep it clean, especially if the electricity or a generator is running. 
  3. Check the chemical balance of the water. Use a two-stage clarifier to ensure a thorough cleaning.
  4. If the water reflects phosphates while testing the water, use a phosphate remover if necessary.

Our primary concern is our customers. If you have any questions, visit our website or contact Platinum Pools at 281.870.1600.  Our experts are ready to help.