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Keep Birds Out of Your Swimming Pool Area

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If you live in a community with lakes/ponds these are where ducks and geese like to hang out. However, when you have a swimming pool in your backyard, and the water is still and pristine, then be aware that you may hear a “quack” from your outdoor family room.  Many pool owners are frustrated with ducks, geese, and birds invading their backyards.  It is the constant cleaning after them and causing more maintenance to the oasis.  But not to fear; this blog presents effective ways to keep those feathered ones away and bring back the enjoyment of your pool without any unwelcome guests.

Pool Tools

Amazingly enough, some pool accessories can be a great repellant for birds and other unwanted guests.  Here are some suggestions that will help keep them away:

  • Pool Safety Fence – The pool fence is a great safety feature, keeping children and pets from the pool area when unsupervised. It also deters birds, who feel uncomfortable when confined, from entering the pool.  It creates a physical boundary that birds perceive as a limit, making them less likely to land in the pool.
  • Solar Covers – A solar cover keeps birds away from your pool, retains warmth, reduces evaporation, prevents debris, and reduces cleaning and maintenance. It’s easy to install, lightweight, cost-effective, and saves water and energy costs.
  • Pool Toys – Use pool toys like floating balls, colorful fish, small boats, or inflatable seats to deter birds from landing and swimming in your pool. Moving objects can scare birds, so place the toys strategically to create a diversion.
  • Automatic Pool Cleaner – A clean pool is important, and an automatic pool cleaner helps achieve that. It also deters birds, ensuring they won’t fall or dive in. Pool cleaners are energy-efficient and make maintenance quick and easy.
  • Water Pumps – Ducks and geese prefer calm water surfaces as they feel safer for swimming. A water pump or fountain that disturbs the water’s surface makes it less inviting for birds. Invest in a water feature that creates ripples on the surface to discourage birds from swimming.

Garden Tools

Sprinklers and garden hoses are the most common tools to keep your landscape beautiful and help keep those annoying birds away.  Here’s how it works:

  • Motion Sensor Sprinkler – Motion sensor sprinklers are the best solution for keeping unwanted animals away from your property. They offer a humane and eco-friendly alternative to harmful chemicals or physical barriers. You can program these sprinklers to work when you want and continuously protect your pool. But remember to turn them off while using the pool to avoid getting wet.
  • Garden Hose – Deter birds from your pool by using a garden hose. A gentle spray of water is enough to discourage them without harming them. Use a simple garden hose and avoid high-pressure settings. Direct the water beside or around the birds to guide them out of the pool area. Birds naturally dislike water and will quickly associate your pool area with the uncomfortable sensation of being sprayed.

Other Deterrents

  • The Pool Guarding Gator – If you want an effective way to keep birds and other animals away from your pool, use a floating alligator head decoy.  The decoy resembles a real alligator head and will intimidate animals.  The sight of a floating alligator head is often enough to deter ducks and geese as they perceive it as a potential predator.
  • Balloons – Use balloons to deter birds from landing in your pool.  You can choose different shapes, sizes, and colors.  Check them regularly for popped balloons and remove them to prevent filter clogging. Balloons can be a fun and practical bird deterrent in your pool area.
  • Ultrasonic Animal Repeller – Use repellers that emit high-frequency sounds to deter birds and other animals from your pool area.  They work with solar energy, are safe for animals, and are easy to install.  Get one with motion sensors that only activate when it detects animals nearby. They are cordless, rechargeable, waterproof, and weatherproof, making them perfect for outdoor use.

The Use of Sound as a Repellant

You must take advantage of their skittish nature to keep birds away from your pool area. Use noise-producing devices, as loud noises discourage birds from entering your pool area. Human sounds can signal danger to birds, so use them to deter and prevent them from coming near your pool.  Additionally, other items work great to keep birds away, such as:

  • Radio – It’s a good idea to consider placing a radio near your pool that continuously produces noise, preferably with a talk or music station. Alternatively, you can try playing loud music genres such as heavy metal to deter birds. However, it’s important to be considerate of your neighbors and adjust the volume accordingly.
  • Wind Chimes – Wind chimes not only enhance the aesthetic value of your pool area but also keep birds away. Hang them strategically for maximum effectiveness. Wind chimes create an unfamiliar sound that makes birds feel uneasy and startles them, deterring them from approaching your pool. It’s a natural and pleasing bird control solution that adds to your outdoor space’s beauty.

Shiny Objects and Other Reflective Diverters

If you face issues with birds landing and swimming in your pool, try hanging reflective and shiny objects around the pool area. Birds, especially those attracted to shiny objects, are often frightened by the light flashes and reflections produced by these objects.  It can discourage them from landing and swimming in the pool.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Mirrors – Hanging mirrors or other reflective items in trees or fences is a highly effective and practical solution for scaring birds away during the day.  It creates an intimidating environment for birds due to their movement and glimmering effects. While it may not work as well at night, this method is guaranteed to work during the day and is a visually appealing solution for bird control.
  • Reflective Bird Diverters – these artifacts make birds believe that bird predators are present and on the move.  It uses reflective materials to create light flashes and movement, scaring birds away from your pool area.  Hang them from trees, balconies, or lamp posts to effectively deter birds.
  • Flashing Lights – If you’re dealing with pesky birds invading your pool, there’s a straightforward and effective solution: flashing lights. Use battery-operated floating pool lights that flash and change colors to create an unsettling environment for birds. Choose lights with different modes and colors for added stimulation. Attach the lights to the pool wall or let them float in the water. Don’t hesitate to take action to keep birds away from your pool!

Avoid Bird-Friendly Invitations

By eliminating bird-friendly invitations, you reduce the likelihood of birds becoming regular visitors to your pool area; it will minimize the mess and potential damage they may cause, allowing you to maintain a clean and bird-free pool.

  • Leaving Food Outside – feeding birds, intentionally or unintentionally, can encourage them to gather around your pool area.  If you suspect someone in your household may be feeding birds, communicate the importance of not providing them with food.  Removing the food source can discourage birds from frequenting your pool area and reduce the mess and potential damage they may cause.
  • Bird Feeders, Birdhouses, and Birdbaths – avoid placing or removing bird-friendly attractions.  Bird feeders, birdhouses, and birdbaths can unknowingly invite birds to gather in your yard and potentially access your pool, especially near your oasis.

The Old Fashion Way – The Family Pet

A dog or a cat helps prevent birds from landing in your pool. Dogs are intuitive to protect their territory and can be great at scaring away birds. On the other hand, cats can hunt and catch birds entering your yard, which deters them from coming near your pool.

If you decide to get a pet, ensure your pool area has a gate to prevent unsupervised access by your dog. A bell collar can help prevent cats from hunting and bringing dead birds into your home.

Owning a dog or a cat can provide companionship while keeping birds away from your pool.

Dealing with birds in your pool can be a frustrating and time-consuming task.  Fortunately, numerous effective methods exist to keep ducks, geese, and other birds away from your pool area. By implementing these bird deterrent strategies, you can reclaim your pool and enjoy it without the hassle of constant cleaning and maintenance.  Experiment with different methods and combinations to find the most effective solution for your specific bird control needs.  You can create a bird-free pool environment and maximize your outdoor space with persistence and creativity.