Easter Pool Party

Plan Your Easter Pool Party Now

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If the weather is excellent during Easter, take the opportunity to have a pool party.   Make sure to wear a new bathing suit and let the kids have fun.  However, if you plan on inviting guests and their children, coordinate an Easter Pool Party now to make it a memorable event.


When we think of Easter, we usually think of the Easter Bunny, eggs, and chocolate.  On the other hand, pastel colors can also add a nice touch to Easter decorations.  Pastel balloons can be a great way to decorate your swimming pool and serve as souvenirs for the kids if you’re hosting a daytime event.  LED lights with colorful shades for evening parties can create a fun and festive atmosphere.

Your food spread is also a great opportunity to incorporate Easter decorations.  Add Easter-themed plastic tablecloths and small wicker or plastic baskets filled with treats as souvenirs for the kids.  Alternatively, you can decorate candy bags with the Easter Bunny’s image instead of baskets.

Another fun and easy Easter decoration idea is using cut-out cardboard shapes of bunnies, eggs, or baskets and scattering them throughout your garden.  These cardboard decorations are space-saving and reusable every year.  You can also save time using popular bunny characters like Bugs Bunny, Oswald Rabbit, or Peter Rabbit.  You can find these lovable characters on various products such as cups, balloons, and games like “Pin the Tail on the Bunny.”


Remember, Easter is a holiday that typically involves lots of candy, chocolate, and other sweet treats.  It’s a good idea to place a bowl on top of another bowl filled with ice to prevent candy bars from melting.  Additionally, sandwiches are a popular food option for both kids and adults.  Consider providing a basket of assorted bags of chips for your party guests to enjoy with their sandwiches.  Another great idea is to serve a cold cut-and-cheese tray with croissants or baguettes; this combination will be a hit with your guests.


Beverages typically include sodas, juices, and water.  However, if you’re looking for something different, a non-alcoholic sangria made from cranberry juice cocktails could be a great alternative.  You can quickly pour it into a dispenser, making it convenient for everyone to serve without creating a mess.

Party Favors

Consider giving your guests a memorable gift along with their baskets or bags of goodies.  If your guests are teenagers, they may appreciate t-shirts featuring a famous bunny.  Keychains with small bunny figurines, personalized Easter eggs, or bunny ears are great for children.


You can find many game suggestions online that are proper for Easter.  However, these two are exceptionally entertaining:

  • Make the Bunny

If you have any leftover Easter eggs, you can fill them with fun activities that keep kids and adults moving.  All you need to do is take an egg, open it, and follow the activity on the message.  You can put various activities like the Bunny Hop or different dances in the eggs.  This game is enjoyable, engaging for all ages, and a fantastic way to stimulate a child’s creative imagination.

  • Egg Toss

You only need one or more baskets and empty Easter eggs to play this game.  Place the baskets in the pool, and have both kids and adults stand outside and toss the eggs into the baskets.  Whoever successfully throws the most eggs into the baskets wins the game.

It’s important always to prioritize safety when hosting pool parties.  Ensure adequate adult supervision and have a first aid kit on hand in case of any accidents.  Part two of our blog will present a water-based version of the Easter Scavenger Hunt.

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