PebbleTec Interior Surface

PebbleTec’s Unique Pool Finishing – The Choice is Yours

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Whether you are building a pool from scratch or remodeling a pool, the finish you pick will significantly impact the aesthetics of your design.  PebbleTec offers four unique surface finishes for pools in various colors, giving homeowners plenty of choices.  It continues to be a popular pool plaster choice for the custom-built oasis, and it has less maintenance than your average plaster.  Remember that pebble interior surface is often more expensive, but it lasts longer.  Its non-porous texture avoids absorbing pool chemicals, resisting algae growth and staining.

What is a Pebble Interior Surface?

It is a mixture of hydraulic cement and polished stone, pebbles, or glass.

The Process

  • The Mix – combine cement, water, pigment, and additive to create the material.  It goes after applying the concrete.
  • Pneumatic Application – Pebble Tec goes through a pneumatic spray designed to give even coverage.
  • Hand Troweling – installers hand-trowel the pebble tec creating a more compact surface after the spray application.  The technicians need to wear special shoes with spikes, protecting the finishing coating in many cases.
  • Water Spray – to remove the excess cement, technicians use water spray, helping to expose the pebbles.
  • Detail – using pressurized water with acid solution removes any excess residue from the pebble finish.  In some cases, it may need a buff during the final stage to expose the natural beauty of the pebble.
  • Ready to Fill – once completed, fill the pool with water, reference your pool care instructions, balance the chemicals, and begin swimming!

PebbleTec’s Most Popular Selections

An extensive selection of colors and finishes ensures that you find the perfect surface for your pool.  There are unique PebbleTec finishes with various customization options to help you create the ideal outdoor space for your life and style.

  • PebbleTec® The Original: The original pool surface gives pools and spas an earthy texture and natural feel.  The surface, made from the most oversized pebbles in our product offering, provides a durable, slip-resistant, and stain-resistant surface in various colors.
  • PebbleSheen®: The most popular pool finish uses slightly smaller pebbles for a more delicate texture.  It also provides a non-slip, stain resistance, and durable surface.
  • PebbleFina®: Uses finely ground natural pebbles to provide a smooth texture.  Add Star Dust element to the aggregate for added shine.
  • PebbleBrilliance®: Pebble Brilliance combines vibrant glass beads, natural stone aggregate, and Shimmering Sea for uniquely brilliant watercolors, unmatched elegance, and long-lasting durability.

These coatings can enhance your new or existing pool to a beautifully designed oasis. 

Less Time for Maintenance

Although PebbleTec pool interior surface saves time and money, always check the chemical balance of your pool water, especially if you don’t want calcium and scale build-up.  Otherwise, you may have to empty the pool to fix the issue.

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