Pool Inside Another Pool

Pool Inside Another Pool

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Pool construction companies have been building custom-designed pools for a long time. There are standard shapes and sizes of pools, but the features a homeowner adds to their oasis truly personalizes the backyard. Whether you add a spa, a waterfall, or other water features a custom-designed pool is born.  We cannot discard the fact that homeowners get involved in the design process of a swimming pool. They come with ideas like an unusual shape or add a décor such as a statue or sometimes even building a pool inside of another pool.

To build a pool like this, oftentimes an infinity pool spills into a larger pool that the infinity pool is built into. To have a better understanding of what this would look like you first need to know what an infinity pool is.

An Infinity Pool is…

An infinity-edge pool is a regular pool apart from one thing; it’s one or two sides that do not have an end.  Customers choose to have an infinity pool for its attractiveness, turning a backyard into a resort-like destination. Although we can build an Infinity edge pool in any backyard, they typically look their best if your pool has a natural outward-looking scene.  The infinity-edge pool is also perfect for a backyard with an incline. The slope helps to provide a leveled view between the pool and the view. 

The main reason why homeowners go for the infinity-edge pool is for aesthetics.  Many designs and variations can fit for creating an oasis with the popular feature.  The significant part is that an infinity-edge pool is easy to maintain. As it is working to pump the water from the holding tank back to the pool, the chances of stagnation are slim, thanks to the continuous filtering function.

The Combination

First, we recommend making the inner pool an all-around infinity edge.  It is not the regular pool with one or two sides endless; it will make a better impact on the design of the oasis itself.  The style can be flow-over or a flat-flow, making it a reflective pool.

The outer pool will work as the holding tank, at it provides enough space for swimming and adding more features. In some of our projects, the holding tank offers extra space for adding pencil jets, tanning ledges, and even in-pool tables and bar stools.  The best part is that it helps to recycle the water, so there is no wasted water. The inner infinity pool never empties, and there is no water wastage, making it as environmentally friendly as a regular swimming pool.

So, if you want a pool, and you have a design in mind, let Platinum Pools help you make your backyard dreams come true.  Call us at 281.870.1600 or visit our website for a free quote.