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Pool Trends of 2021 – A Forecast

In Pool Features by Platinum Pools

Cocktail Pools and Spools

Who said you couldn’t have a pool in a small space?  We prove again that it is possible.  More & more clients come to our offices, asking if we can update their pool to the new trends that come out. The typical answer is yes.  After all, there is no need for a large plot of land, but to structure it and make the best use of the space.

Acrylic Walls

Acrylic walls give an experience of surrealism, experimenting space, gravity, and looking outside from the inside. Adding acrylic panels to a swimming pool becomes a key element of the design; it is versatile, making it possible to build pools of different sizes and depths. Acrylic walls are waterproof, long-lasting, very aesthetic, and clean. In short, they are dream pools.

Tile Inlay

Some pools attract our attention by looking at them, and others generate a unique attraction. Many of these pools achieve that charm by displaying tile inlay in pool walls, creating an incredible optical effect. With this, it converts a regular pool into something special.  And the best part?  A homeowner can choose from a variety of colors and tile options.

LED Lights

When we talk about lighting in swimming pools, some people associate it with those small spotlights placed on the walls of the oasis, but this has changed a lot.  LED lights continue as a trend when it comes to illuminating a swimming pool.  Other alternatives allow us to create and adjust to different occasions.  Some lighting fixtures come with remote control, with many colors available.

Rain Descents

Rain Descents have a superb acceptance by urban landscape designers and interior decorators. The creatives who use them apply it in different ways, such as beautiful walls indoors and outdoors.  Rain Descents are not only a water feature but is also a work of art.  Imagine having a frame with the water feature; can you visualize it?  One of our clients hired us to build his pool with rain descent.  The result is outstanding.  Another completed project includes a rain descent serving as a “room divider” between the bar area and the rest of the pool. 

Lazy Rivers

Recently, lazy rivers are taking a whole new meaning in designing the perfect outdoor family room.  A lazy river gives different sections to discover, and that is the beauty of the design. Many swimming pool designers are more than ready for the challenge of creating the perfect oasis.

We hope you like the trending ideas for 2021 and that it will be suitable for those who have a mind to make a pool.  Don’t forget that our friendly staff is ready to assist you.  Call Platinum Pools at 281.870.1600 or visit our website for more information.