UV Pool Water Purifying

Purifying Pool Water the UV Way

In Ask the Pool Experts by Platinum Pools

In the 1960s, neon posters were the rage in college dorms, apartments, and local bars.  Blacklight lamps help these decorations glow, giving a psychedelic feel to any area.  But that was then, and this is now. Blacklight is a UV ultraviolet bulb that anyone can see.

Of course, if someone is digging retro style, they may have it in a living room or a bedroom.  However, the infrastructure in many cities across the United States is aging, and many scientists are recommending ultraviolet lights to get rid of many culprits that can lead to water contamination.

Let’s Get Scientific

UV rays are everywhere!  The sun has UV rays, but too much exposure can damage the skin and cause skin cancer.  Ultraviolet light is a form of radiation found in sunlight. The spectrum of UV rays ranges from ten to four hundred nanometers 100-400 wavelength manometers, between x-rays and visible light:

  • UV-A – 400–315 – this level goes for long-wave, blacklight, also known as soft UV.
  • UV-B – 315–280 – this medium-wave absorbs the ozone layer.
  • UV-C – 280–100 – although it is the lowest, it is the most effective.  The shortwave is powerful but suitable for anti-germicidal use.  Shortwave UV radiation (UVC, 200-280nm) has a high germicidal capacity, effectively killing bacteria and other microorganisms. This effect is crucial when disinfecting the pool water, providing clean water without the need to use potentially aggressive chemicals for bathers.

Here Come the UV Lights

Nowadays, many pool purification equipment comes with a UV purification system that gives the advantage to help kill microorganisms that cause viruses, algae, and other water contaminants in a few seconds.  It also helps to use fewer chemicals in the water.

How Does it Work?

Ultraviolet radiation equipment passes the filtered water through a sealed chamber, irradiated with ultraviolet light. This radiation alters the DNA of the microorganisms present in the water, kills them, and prevents them from reproducing.

Keep in mind need two important factors when choosing UV equipment to a pool filtering system:

1. Water Volume (in Gallons)

A pool designer will give you information about how much water will go into a new swimming pool. Another way to measure the quantity of water by multiplying the length, width, and depth of the oasis.

2. pH regulation

The equipment helps to control the pH level since it determines the way to disinfect the pool water.

Other Advantages

The advantages of disinfecting the water without the need for extra chemicals are remarkable from the first day of use:

  • Photo-oxidation effect that destroys chloramines and other toxic by-products of chlorine.
  • Creates a low chemical environment
  • Reduces investment in chemical purchasing and chemical usage
  • Unrivaled protection against contamination in filter media
  • Protection against loss of chemical dosing
  • Instantly disinfects at every cycle
  • Energy saver – low power consumption

Although UV water purification does wonders, always check essential parameters such as the condition of the UV light bulb, the correct operation, or if there is any suspicion in its process that may disrupt the quality of the water.