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Change the Color of Your Lights and Change the Ambiance in Your Pool

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Let’s face it.  We are creatures of change.  Our homes have to be up to date with the latest trends in decoration.  But when it comes to changing your swimming pool lighting, it’s another dilemma.  The process of changing out your pool’s lights isn’t easy but it’s also not impossible.

The most significant change is going from traditional incandescent pool lighting to the more energy efficient LED pool lights.  LED pool lights help save you over 80% of your cost to run your pool lights on your electric bill.  Another added benefit of LED pool lights is the variety of colors available to choose from as well as being able to run different programmed color cycles.

22 Steps to Change to LED Pool Lighting

If you don’t feel comfortable in changing the lights in your pool, then hire an expert to do so.  On the other hand, if you’re feeling adventurous, then you can follow these 22 steps to get your LED lights:

  1. You have to turn off the power to the pool light at the circuit breaker. Also, check if the pool light works on 120v or 12v.  If the light fixture operates on 12v, find the transformer that is placed on the house wall between the circuit breakers and the light fixture.
  2. Buy the light in advance and have it ready for replacement. When you replace the bulb, it is most recommendable to replace the pool lens gasket to guarantee a tight water seal for your pool light.
  3. Most of the light bases in swimming pools have an Edison base. When you buy your LED color light, make sure it has an Edison base.
  4. Once you have the electricity off and the LED light bulb in hand, then you can proceed to remove the light fixture. If it is far from the deck, then you may have to go into the water with a mask, snorkel, and fins.
  5. Remove the light fixture from the niche and place it on the pool deck. You should have a long cable to do so.
  6. Use a clean towel, dry the fixture gently and place it on a soft surface. towel.
  7. Undo the fixture. Old models that have a few brass retainer clips and screws to keep it together while recent models use wire clamps with one bolt and nut.
  8. Remove the lens and gasket gently from the assembly ring.
  9. Take out the lens and gasket carefully from the fixture housing.
  10. Remove the old gasket from the lens.
  11. Use a damp rag to clean any old gasket residue from the surface of the lens.
  12. Get a towel to use to remove the old bulb carefully.
  13. Continue to use the same towel to dry inside the fixture and clean any gasket residue from the light housing. Do not use any hard scraper for cleaning of the surface or the housing may not seal properly.
  14. Screw in the new bulb securely, don’t tighten it, or it may break.
  15. Place the new gasket on the edge of the lens.
  16. Make sure that the gasket and lens are on top of the housing.
  17. Set the light housing (with lens and gasket) on top of the Face Assembly Ring. Screw the brass retaining clips or, if a most recent version, with a wire clamp.  You should tighten the clamps by hand. If the gasket doesn’t fit into the groove of the assembly ring, stretch the gasket just a little bit to ensure a good fit.
  18. Submerge the light housing in the water. You may see a few bubbles floating up, but air should not come from the sealed outer edges.
  19. Recoil and store the excess cable and then push the fixture back to the niche.
  20. Place the screws back to secure the pool light to the niche.
  21. Turn on the power of the light fixture.
  22. Do a test. Make sure the light bulb is working correctly.

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