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The Best Exercise for Expecting Moms – Swimming Pregnant

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If you are expecting and you worry about how you will look after giving birth, well, we have good news! Swimming pregnant is one of the most beneficial and safest workouts to do during pregnancy. It is an aerobic exercise that is fun to do while improves circulation and elevates oxygen levels – two essential elements that the body needs while expecting.

What is great about swimming is that the body is weightless, safe, and comfortable throughout the entire pregnancy. According to medical experts, it is a low-impact sport with no risk of falling or getting injured. On the other hand, women who are expecting must be cautious while walking on a wet pool deck. Use the stairs or general pool entrance.

Of course, be aware of other safety issues when swimming with a child on the way:

  • It is not safe to immerse in hot water, so avoid hot tubs or the spa. Overheated pools can cause complications, especially in the first Trimester.
  • Although chlorinated pools are entirely safe, ensure that any body of water is clean and not to put an expecting mother at risk of any water-borne illness. Whether it is water in a pool, a lake, or the ocean, do not expose yourself to contamination.
  • Chat with your physician before taking on any exercise, regardless swimming pregnant is safe. 

How to Start a Routine

Always consult with a doctor before starting any exercise routine, like swimming pregnant. Some are athletes and can swim at top speed. Those who don’t swim as often shouldn’t dive into it too fast. Remember, every pregnancy is different. So, take caution when you are starting new types of exercise while pregnant. 

If you are used to doing slaps, then follow the routine. It is better to adjust your way than pushing. There are a variety of swimming styles that you can try. See what feels best for you. For women who are expecting, carrying the extra weight can make them swim slower or take more breaks. Keep in mind that the body talks when it goes to new adjustments, so be alert for any changes.

Benefits of Swimming for Expecting Mothers

Most women gain a lot of weight when expecting. Swimming is a low-impact exercise that can relieve many of pregnancy’s common aches and pains. It takes the pressure off the weight-bearing joints. 

Medical experts also mentioned that many pregnant women could develop pregnancy-related swelling in their lower extremities, which worsens after standing and walking for extended amounts of time. So, an exercise like swimming may help relieve some of the swellings. 

  • Other benefits of swimming during pregnancy are:
  • It helps to relieve nausea. 
  • It keeps you refreshed while exercising.
  • Takes the pressure off your baby bump and lower back.
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Relieves lower limb swelling and discomfort
  • Strengthens core abdominal muscles
  • Relieves back pain
  • Improves cardiovascular health and flexibility

Trimester Relief

Expecting mothers don’t have to wait for a second or third trimester to start swimming. As mentioned before, it is a beneficial and safe exercise during pregnancy. The best part – a growing belly will not prevent any woman from enjoying a swim. There are other benefits that expectant mothers will enjoy, especially during the first trimester

  • First Trimester – relieves fatigue and dizziness 
  • Second Trimester – relieves round ligament pain and strain from an accelerated growing tummy
  • Third Trimester – reduces swelling from feet and ankles

As pregnancy progresses, different workouts can become difficult. With swimming, there is no problem since it keeps expectant mothers off the gained weight. Usually, the last trimester is most challenging. It can develop knee pain by stair climbing and getting in and out of chairs. Also, the excess weight can make some other exercises uncomfortable or just impractical.  

So, if you want to stay in shape, healthy, and have an easier delivery, swimming is the best alternative to do during the whole pregnancy. Now to build your new oasis. 

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