Thanksgiving Pool Party

The Best Thanksgiving Pool Party

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The end of summer marks the beginning of the holiday season. Halloween kicks off the festivities, followed by Thanksgiving, everyone’s favorite holiday. While hosting a poolside Thanksgiving party may seem unconventional, we’re here to explain why it could become your new favorite tradition.

Thanksgiving Under the Sun

If you reside in a region with a warmer climate, it is important to start considering the investment in a pool heater, heat pump, or solar cover. By warming up your pool before hosting your Thanksgiving party, you can ensure the water is at the perfect temperature for all your guests to enjoy. Playing pool games in the afternoon is a great way to work up an appetite for a big turkey dinner!

The Soundtrack of Your Event

Some radio stations start playing festive winter holiday music after Halloween. Whether ready for the early surge of holiday cheer or not, you can still enhance your Thanksgiving party with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. You can choose from a classic boombox-style speaker for your patio or add a few light-up speakers to float around your pool. Planning a poolside dinner party can be overwhelming, but don’t worry! There are plenty of options to choose from that will help you set the perfect tone. Remember to keep the party going with your favorite songs – no matter the season, music always adds to the fun.

Autumn Ambiance

Let’s make your Thanksgiving party feel more festive by enhancing the fall atmosphere with colorful pool lights and fun DIY patio lights.  You can upgrade your pool with color-changing lights that can provide a warm and inviting feel to your outdoor space.  

Are you looking to add a warm and inviting touch to your kitchen or patio table?  Then try making your mason jar lights!  This simple DIY craft is perfect for kids and adults to assemble this simple DIY craft while you wait for the turkey to cook.  It’s sure to impress your guests and make your space look cozy.  When you visit your local craft store, purchase decorative maple leaves, sponge brushes, mason jars, clear glue, and tea candles to create beautiful autumn-themed candle holders.  Wipe off dust or grime from the mason jars using a damp rag.  Once the jars are dry, take a sponge brush and apply a layer of glue on the outside of the jar.  After that, stick the leaves onto the glue and cover the entire jar.  Wait for the leaves to dry completely.  Finally, put a tea light inside the jar, light it up, and enjoy the beautiful creation you just made!

Potluck by the Pool

Your pool can be the star of your backyard Thanksgiving party, even if your guests forget to bring their swimsuits.  Your guests can bring their favorite side dish or dessert and make it part of a buffet-style Turkey Day dinner.   To keep your guests and their food warm, you can use a patio heater with a built-in tray, which can also serve as a handy spot to put warm cups of hot chocolate or cider.  If you want to create a focal point amidst your oasis, a fire pit can serve as an excellent conversation piece and a source of warmth on chilly evenings.  If the temperature drops, you can store some blankets in a beautiful deck box, doubling as a bench if you’re short of seats!

Hot Chocolate Around the Spa

If you have a small party, you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors and stay warm using your spa.  You don’t have to worry about missing out on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or the football game in the evening.  With a vast 20′ inflatable projector screen, you can watch your favorite holiday entertainment on the big screen while relaxing in the spa.

Furthermore, after a long day of cooking for your Thanksgiving party, you will be grateful for the chance to sink into the warm, soothing water of your spa.  You can add some aromatherapy scents, brew a batch of hot chocolate, and have a peaceful way to end your day of celebrations.

Friends, Family, and a Fire Pit

Thanksgiving Day is a special occasion to ponder and express gratitude for all the good things in your life.  Enjoying quality time with your loved ones is the best way to celebrate this day.  You can relish scrumptious food while snuggling up and socializing around a fire pit.  What’s a fire pit without graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate? Add a slice of pumpkin pie to your melty s’mores for an extra delectable holiday treat!

Pool Games on the Patio

Why not try something different this Thanksgiving and start your unique traditions?  You could set up your favorite pool games and enjoy them outdoors under the warmth of your patio.  If the weather is too chilly, have some indoor fun with a playful game of Marco Polo.  Move aside the tables and chairs and laugh until your cranberry sauce-filled bellies hurt while watching “Marco” search for the “Polos.”  With the right atmosphere, games, and activities, organizing an outdoor, poolside Turkey Day celebration might be an unconventional choice.  Still, it will certainly create a brand-new Thanksgiving tradition to cherish.

We hope the suggestions can help your Thanksgiving gathering be hugely successful. From our Platinum Pools Family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!