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Do You Want a Swimming Pool? The Time is Now!

In Ask the Pool Experts by Platinum Pools

If you want to swim in your swimming pool sooner rather than later, you need to act now. Due to the high demand over the last couple of years, paired with supply chain issues and material shortages the amount of time from when you sign a contract for your pool and when you are swimming has increased.

How to Get an In-Ground Pool More Quickly

Most importantly the quicker you finalize your plan and material selections and sign a contract the sooner your pool construction will begin. We recommend you do some research and ask questions. Make a list of pool builders in your area. When you decide on a particular type or style of an inground pool meet with a designer to go over what you want to be included in your pool. Use our customer wish list (all customers who fill out our contact form or call in for a quote get access to this) to guide you in what you are looking for. There you will find many photos of completed projects and various options you can add to your pool. 

Contact Pool Builders

Regardless of what type of pool you want to buy or which pool builder you want to work with, we encourage you to contact them now. 

Start planning your pool project and meet with designers to go over design and budgets. Below is a short list of things to do and what to expect:

  • Request a call or quote, fill out our contact form or call our office directly
  • Start preparing by getting a site plan of your property and taking some photos 
  • Be prepared to meet in person at your home or we can meet with you over Zoom if you prefer
  • Plan your pool design
  • Get an initial price for your inground pool
  • Make any needed revisions to the design
  • Come into our office and select the materials you want to use on your pool
  • Sign the contract and make a deposit

How Far in Advance Should You Decide on a Swimming Pool? 

Usually, we would say that it is unnecessary to look years in advance for a swimming pool. However, you should get in line now if you are wanting to build a pool.  

Even if you are not in a hurry to get a new pool, you should contact pool builders in your area you potentially want to work with to get a feel for their current schedules and construction timelines.

The bottom line: if you want a pool that you can use all 2023, we strongly recommend you start looking now. 

Buying a Home with a Pool

An alternative to building a new pool is to buy a home with an existing pool. If you do not want to wait to build your pool, you can look through local listings for homes with pools to see what’s available. Keep in mind that homes with pools in Houston have been in high demand and have been selling very quickly for more than the asking price.

If you buy a home with a used pool, you can often save significantly on the initial cost.

The breakdown: an older or used in-ground pool may not be in the condition you want it to be. It may need to be renovated or refinished or have major damage such as cracks or leaks. 

You also have fewer choices in size, shape, and depth to choose from when building a new pool (in addition to color, finish, features, and accessories).

Check your pool’s warranty and warranties for your pool parts (such as the pump and filtration system) have expired or are non-transferable.

If you need any renovation or repairs to a pool at your current home or home you recently purchased our remodel division can give you a free quote for the changes you want to make.

Financing and Paying for Your Oasis

The cost of an inground pool can vary greatly depending on the type of pool you want. While many contractors offer different types of pools, we only build gunite inground pools. Gunite is more expensive than some of the other inground pool options but will last much longer and get your money’s worth.  

Most people either pay for their pool with cash or finance their pool through a trusted lender. There are many lenders specializing in financing swimming pools, our preferred lender is HFS. We recommend checking online or asking your pool designer how to get financing.

The Impact on the Market

We have seen a massive increase in inground pool sales nationwide as people have spent more time at their homes than ever before. 

With so many homeowners rushing to buy a pool since the start of the nationwide COVID closures paired with supply chain issues and material shortages, the timelines from signing a contract to swimming in your pool are longer than it has ever been.

Want to learn more before you buy your pool? Check out our blog for our latest swimming pool guides. We also invite you to visit our website or request a free quote.