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Which Waterproof Smartwatches are Best?

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Four years ago, we published content about waterproof smartwatches. At the time, the Apple Watch Series 3 and the Fitbit Versa were the only ones in the market. The rules for water protection are still the same. Any product declared as water-resistant must have a registration with the IEC60529 international code. In smartwatches, water-resistant timepieces must have the letters IP and by numbers 67 or 68.

If the waterproof smartwatch is with an IP67, it is not for underwater for extended hours and not for saltwater bodies of water. On the other hand, those watches with an IP68 are submersible as long you don’t touch the buttons.  

Which are the best ones in the market now? Before we look at the list, let us give you two essential acronyms and what they mean:

AMOLED: Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diodes; is a display technology used in smartphones, providing an excellent screen view.

ATM – short for Atmospheres and measures the level of water pressure a watch designed to withhold.

…and here are the ones that made a list, with a tie for first place:

Garmin Vivoactive 4

The Garmin Vivoactive 4, considered the best waterproof watch, is cutting between regular smartwatch sports watches. It tracks swim accuracy and waterproof resistance up to 163 feet (5 ATM). It pairs with Android and iPhones.

The transflective display provides real-time swim data underwater. There is no open water swim tracking support, but it is a good choice for people who spend a good deal in the pool. It is also a nice piece to use outside the oasis. 

Waterproof Resistance: 163 feet (5 ATM)  

Pool and open water: Pool only

Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 is larger in design, gathering all the abilities from the previous Apple Watch models. It means more room to view your swim data in a pool or open water. The Apple Watch 6 hosts metrics including distance, length, pace, and detect stroke style for those who love to swim or athletes. During the swim, the touchscreen is inactive, but the always-on display does mean you can raise your arm to check in on real-time progress.  

Also, there is the Apple Watch SE. It is more economical than the 6-Series; it offers the same tracking experience in the pool and open water and the same smartwatch experience. Best of all, it is a comfortable watch to wear in the water. Both Apple Watch models are apar with the Garmin 4 timepiece.

Waterproof Resistance: 163 feet (5 ATM)  

Pool and open water: Yes

Garmin Venu 2

The Venu 2 is the second Garmin watch with a full-color AMOLED touchscreen display. It is bigger, brighter, and sharper with that display, making it a nicer watch to live within and out of the water. Mirrors the same pool swim-tracking features, a better-quality touchscreen display to show real-time metrics like distance, pace, stroke count, SWOLF, and calories. 

It also offers a view intensity minutes within the Garmin Connect app to assess how hard you worked in your pool session. Detects the type of stroke, a basic rest timer, and underwater heart rate monitoring. 

Waterproof Resistance: 163 feet (5 ATM)  

Pool and open water: Pool only

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is an economic model with a slimmer, smaller design that better fits the pool. It is a piece to use for pool and open water swimming. The Super AMOLED display has swim-tracking features like distance, strokes, lap time, and SWOLF (to measure swimming efficiency). Contrary to the Galaxy Watch 3, and the Gear Sport, the Active 2 does not have the rotating bezel to navigate Samsung’s Tizen OS software.

A timepiece is a good option for the Apple waterproof smartwatches. Keep in mind that with Samsung set to team up with Google and move to its Wear platform, Samsung will say it will continue supporting its Tizen watches for at least three years.

Waterproof rating: 5 ATM (163 feet) | pool and open water: Yes

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The Galaxy Watch 3 holds up well in the pool and the open water swimming. It comes in 45mm and 41mm size options that bring it closer to the Active 2. Also, it’s one of the nicest, brightest smartwatch displays available, and you need to change the strap to a waterproof one. These are really good waterproof smartwatches.

It covers distance, laps, average speed, pace, calories burned, SWOLF, and lengths. Also, it vibrates after completing a lap, and it has a water ejection feature like the Apple Watch. Although the battery life is 1.5-2 days in durability, everything else here makes Samsung’s smartwatches one of the best.

Waterproof rating: 5 ATM (163 feet) | pool and open water: Yes

Fitbit Versa 3

Are you looking for Fitbit waterproof smartwatches? Then look at the Versa 3. Along with a slimmer, smaller design, it offers all the same swim-tracking features as the original Iconic, so you’ll be able to view lengths, distance covered, and workout duration on the touchscreen display. It doesn’t have data on the type of stroke and SWOLF. However, it is an excellent smartwatch for beginners.

The swim tracking is a little basic in terms of what you see on the watch, and the post-swim data is basic, emphasizing how this activity contributes to your overall day’s data. It’s a good fit for swimmers who wish to go for a dip and are not fussed about advanced measures.

Waterproof Resistance: 163 feet (5 ATM)

Pool and open water: Pool only

Amazfit GTS 2/GTR 2

If you are looking for a better price deal and the idea to track your swimming in the pool and open water, then the Amazfit GTS 2 is an option to consider. Chinese tech outfit Huami took some heavy design inspiration from a particular Apple smartwatch; it’s a light, slim watch with a touchscreen display, and it is comfortable to wear.  

If you don’t like wearing a bulky one in the water, this will have appeal. It can offer pool and open water tracking, pace, distance, SWOLF, and recognizing stroke type. The best part, it has 14-day battery life.

Waterproof rating: 5 ATM (163 feet) 

Pool and open water: Yes

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