Inground Pool In West University

Pool Building in West University and Southside Place

In Construction Process by Platinum Pools

Our blog today is a bit different than some of the others we’ve published recently.  As we all know, each city in the Houston area has requirements and guidelines you must follow when building a pool. 

However, the areas of West University and Southside Place have similar characteristics like high valued homes and the highest homeownership, exceeding over 70%. 

Why are we mentioning both West University and Southside?  The answer is very simple; they both share the same building requirements as well.

Platinum Pools believes in building fun with safety in mind. One of our goals is to inform everyone who wants a pool what to expect during the construction process.  We want to make your journey a smooth one, so here are the requirements you need to have your dream oasis.

Is There a Difference?

The biggest difference is that all contractors must register with the city of Southside Place before requesting permits.  The contractors and builders must renew every year and submit copies of licenses of operation, driver licenses and a General Liability insurance naming the City of Southside Place as the certificate holder.

A Builder’s Checklist

Engineered Proximity Letter

If the excavation is less than five feet away from the foundation of a building or structure, the document will determine if it is in good standing to proceed with the project.       

Overhead Electric Line

Ensure that power lines are over 22.5 feet high from the water’s edge (recommended by the National Electrical Code).

Electric and Gas Blueprint

A layout of all wiring and gas connections, as well as other essential elements, is required for approval.              

Utility Easement and Utility Variance

Pavers are only allowed in the utility easement unless the cities of West University or Southside Place approve a utility variance. Both towns have no jurisdiction over a utility easement.         

Hose Bib with Anti-Siphon

The hose bib with anti-siphon prevents water from siphoning through an outside faucet, helping to avoid contamination of drinking water used in your home. Therefore, the City requires for swimming pool builders to indicate which device will be in use. 

VGB Compliant Drains

The builder must check for certification markings on the cover of the drain. All drains must be compliant with VGB requirements. If you are not sure or cannot confirm, the best solution is to replace the drain cover.    

Self-Closing/Latching Gate and Door Alarms

As required by law in the state of Texas, the fence must be, at least, six feet tall around the pool area, with a self-closing and self-latching gate. Also, all doors leading to the pool area must have an alarm located at five feet above the door threshold. 

Electric and Gas Blueprint 

A layout of all wiring and gas connections, as well as other essential elements, is required for approval. It must also have dimensions, and pool location in reference Property Limit, and all BL and UE.     

Property Limits

According to the city ordinance, a building cannot be within five feet from the side and five feet from the rear of the property lines.           

Walkway Required

70% of the perimeter of the pool/spa must have a three feet wide walkway.        

Notification Letters

The builder must include 8 Letters to surrounding neighbors (3 in front, three behind, and one on each side). All envelopes must have the addresses of the surrounding neighbors, contractor’s return address, stamped postage, and the site plan.

Location of the Pool’s Equipment

The pool’s filter and pump systems must be, at least, three feet away from the property line.       

Gas Piping Route

The cities of West University and Southland Village requires a layout of the gas pipe from the meter from the pool heater for approval.  Also, it must include installation of a 2-stage gas meter or a complete Gas Riser Diagram most extended length, per IFGC regulations; and place the gas pipe under concrete.  The plan must have the Master Plumber’s signature and license number. 

Electrical Route

The cities of West University and Southland Village requires a layout of all electrical wiring location from the main disconnect to equipment for approval.             

Electrical Load Analysis (ELA)

The electrical load analysis (ELA) estimates the electrical system capacity required to supply the worst-case combinations of electrical loads. Existing load and with new pool/spa load, size of the main disconnect, must have the Master Electrician signature with the license number.


The storm drain system or storm sewer prevent flooding of streets and highways by transferring water into bayous, creeks, rivers, and Galveston Bay. It is different from a regular conduit.       

Overhead Conductor Clearance

The cities of West University and Southside follow the electrical code recommended in the article 680.8 of the National Electrical Code of 2011. Power conductors over pools, spas, and other bodies of water should be at 22.5 feet high and 14.5 feet in any direction from the edge of the pool structure.

On-Ground Staked Survey

 A registered engineer or a licensed surveyor must provide a study of the property presenting the locations of lot corners, property lines, all utility and other easements, and the pool location on the lot at the time of application for a permit.  

Sewerage Layout

A sewerage layout is a proposed method for containing rainwater on your property so that it doesn’t pool up at your foundation, or run off onto your neighbors’ property, perhaps even causing flooding.

Water Flow Layout

The water that goes down the drain flows into a series of pipes that get larger and larger to accommodate the flow. In most cases, it will flow by gravity into a sewer lateral that runs from your house into a pipe that runs under your street, called a conduit mainline.

And there you have it!  If you live in West University or Southside Place, Platinum Pools is ready to take you through building your dream pool step by step; from the initial drawing, up to the physical oasis in your backyard.  Give us a call at 281.870.1600 or visit our website.