Pool During a Freeze

What to Do with a Pool When a Freeze is Coming

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If a pool has unwinterized equipment or your pump isn’t running, there can be freeze damage during a freeze.  Repairing it can be costly.  The best way is prevention.  Winterizing the pool equipment and plumbing, keeping the pumps running, and installing freeze protection equipment is the best way to prevent damage.

Keep Pool Pumps Running

We are lucky to enjoy excellent weather in Texas during wintertime.  However, we do get freeze warnings, so when it happens, turn the timer off and let your pump run 24/7 until the weather warms up.  It won’t freeze as long as the water is moving through all the pipes.

If a pool owner doesn’t want to have the pumps running non-stop, get text alerts from a local weather channel or website. 

Another way to prevent the pipes from freezing is to install a freeze alert system. 

Install Freeze Protection Equipment

A freeze protector is a sensor that measures the temperature and turns on the pump when it reaches low temperatures.  Other advanced controllers open any closed valves and turn on pumps.

Using a digital time clock with an air temperature sensor is an economical way to freeze-protect the swimming pool.  A pool owner can program the clock to turn on the pump at a specific temperature. 

Winterizing the Pool Equipment and Plumbing

A partial winterization requires draining the pump, filter, heater, and other aboveground equipment.

  1. Remove the drain plugs (before it freezes).
  2. Use a Pool Antifreeze and pour into pipes that contain water.
  3. Ensure the water out of the equipment and tubes. 
  4. Plug the pipes to keep water out.

Other Issues Can Arise

It may not happen in Texas, but if the power fails during a freeze, the pool pumps will shut off.  If this happens, then do the following:

  1. Go to the pool equipment pad, unscrew the two drain plugs on the pump, heater, and the plug from the filter drain.
  2. Open the air bleeder and any closed pool line valves.
  3. Shut the power off the breaker so that the pump won’t turn on without water inside.
  4. Replace plugs, prime the pump, and start it up when the power is back.

What to Do if the Pool Equipment is Frozen

If the pool equipment is frozen, do the following:

  1. Shut off all power.
  2. Place a tent over the equipment and place a space heater.
  3. Closely monitor until thawed.
  4. Check for any cracks.
  5. Drain the equipment if it needs repair.

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