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Popular Pool Add-On Trends for 2018

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Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial welcoming of the season of sun and fun.  It is also a great time to enjoy a staycation, where your backyard becomes the new family room and your oasis is the most envied resort in the neighborhood.  Like every year, new and innovative trends come along the way.  Some popular add-ons are now entering the Swimming Pool Trend Hall of Fame, while others become newbies in up and coming pool designs.

The Hall of Fame

Tanning Shelves

Once again, tanning shelves make it as one of the most popular pool add-ons for 2018.  Tanning shelves are great to lounge, relax and keep you refreshed on a hot Texan day.  They are also great to place gushers and create a splash pad for the kids, add LED lights, etc.

tanning shelf

Infinity Pools

One design trend that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere for 2018 is the infinity pool (aka negative edge pool). Perfect for areas that overlook the ocean or harbor, they blur the lines between where the pool ends and the surrounding natural landscape begins.

Infinity Pool

LED Lighting

LED lighting has both aesthetic and functional benefits, thanks to the availability of colors and sizes.  LED lighting goes excellent with the landscaping in your backyard, highlight the best features of your swimming pool, and makes it safer to use the oasis in the evening.  What makes this feature excellent is that it will also save you money on your electric bill and is easy to install.

LED Pool Lighting

Hydrotherapy Spas

Combine the benefits of having an oasis in the backyard with spa health features.  Many designers are now including hydrotherapy jets in the pool to add the perfect healing soak.  Using the pressure of the jets can relax your muscles and joints, helping to ease the pain.  Hydrotherapy jets also help a person to manage pain from arthritis, and even to recover after a workout.  Hydrotherapy jets are also very handy if you heat your swimming pool during the winter months.

Hydrotherapy Spas


Many homeowners are going into smaller pools and more room for lounging and entertaining.  Sometimes, adding an outdoor kitchen or a fire pit or a gorgeous landscape can do the trick.  Is essential that the best materials are in use to create the perfect area of your home.


Pool Automation

Not so long ago, we included in our blog segment an article related to pool automation.  The new technology available makes it pool automation trendy again this year.  Now you can control the lights, temperature and even check the pool chemistry with a touch of a button conveniently located on your smartphone.  Also, you can do the same from the comfort of your dining room or bedroom with virtual assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Assistant.

The Newbies

Darker Color Interior Surfaces

We have seen for the past few years how mosaic tiles in glass or ceramic took over in the pool designing industry.  This year, the colors take a 360° turn.  For pools, more intense or darker colors are being used, not just for the drama, but for their relaxation value. Pool interiors coated in azures and cobalt blues lend themselves to a lagoon-like effect: deep, dark, and soothing. Even if used for highlight surfaces or on accent pieces, the benefit of these colors makes it feel welcoming, yet a little more luxurious for the vivid stage they set.

Dark Pool Interior Finish

Pool Landscaping

This year, landscaping enters the list of trends, and that is for good reason.  There is nothing like a good landscape around the pool. Some of the benefits of having good landscaping around your pool include having better oxygenation in the surrounding area and having an avid display of colors.  Unfortunately, many pool construction companies do not have a landscaper, but they may have providers that do.  A good landscaper will give you a layout of what the finished landscaping will look like. It is also important to use plants that will thrive in your climate, for us in the Houston Texas area we recommend using plants that are resistant to intense sun and the higher humidity.

Pool Landscaping

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