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Memorial Day Pool Party Suggestions

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With the end of the school year approaching and temperatures rising, it’s time to break out your summer attire like t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops. Let’s welcome the arrival of summer in a fashionable way! Memorial Day weekend is coming up, and we want to help make your party a hit. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space equipped with all the necessities and a cool oasis to beat the Texas heat, it’s the ideal location to host a get-together. Here are some suggestions to ensure its success.

First Things First

Get the Pool Ready

Maintain your pool’s pristine condition by consistently monitoring the chemical levels, eliminating debris and leaves from the water, and meticulously cleaning the filter and pump. If any complications arise with your pool equipment, you must seek a professional pool service for thorough inspection and maintenance.

Clean the Pool’s Deck

If you own a pool, the deck will become soiled from debris such as tree droppings, dirt, and mud. It can create a dangerous and unsightly surface, causing a hazard to those walking barefoot. Moreover, the pool area’s dampness can lead to the growth of algae, mold, and mildew, which can blemish the surface. Opting for a pressure washer is a surefire way to eliminate all these unwanted elements, restoring your deck to its pristine state.

Caring for the Garden

If you have a beautiful garden surrounding your pool, it’s essential to keep it well-maintained. Trimming the hedges, trees, and grass will not only make your backyard look tidy, but it will also prevent leaves from falling into your pool.

Feed the Flowers

Do you have any flowers in your backyard? Ensure that you provide them with a combination of water and nutrient-rich food so they can display their vibrant colors and appear lively and beautiful.

Flying Bugs?

It’s always a good idea to have bug-repellent readily available. During the summer, flies and mosquitoes can become a nuisance. However, citronella offers a pleasant combination of gentle fragrances on the nose that can help repel bugs.

Assign Turns to Watch the Kids

During the pool party, children will be in attendance, so assigning guests to take turns supervising them is essential. As we’ve emphasized in our blogs, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It is vital to have a first aid kit and life jackets available to ensure safety.

The Outdoor Family Room is Clean and Ready

With everything set, now you can get host your Memorial Day party. Here are some essential items to include on your agenda:


On Memorial Day, we honor those who bravely fought for our country. Consider incorporating red, white, and blue decorations such as paper cups, plates, and napkins to add a patriotic touch to your celebrations. These simple items can go a long way in creating a festive atmosphere.

Pool Games

If you’re hosting a Memorial Day gathering with children, consider organizing pool games that everyone can participate in. Please ensure they are enjoyable and uncomplicated but also have a friendly competition. Some examples of group sports that work well are pool, volleyball, basketball, or a classic game of Marco Polo.

Ideal Foods

When serving food outdoors, keeping it in a shaded area, such as on a terrace, in a gazebo, or under a tent, is essential. Direct sunlight can spoil the food faster and make you and your guests feel less hungry. Opt for light and refreshing options like salads, vegetables, and fruit. Grill up some hot dogs, hamburgers, or sausages for meat lovers. Remember to cover the food and keep it safe from pesky insects.

Don’t Forget the Drinks

Ice for drinks and various beverages, including water, fruit juice, and adult options, is essential. Consider making a punch that everyone can enjoy.

Music to Enjoy

To ensure your guests sing and dance, music is an absolute must-have for any party. You can easily create a lively summer playlist on Spotify or stream music on Pandora. For those using a music player on their phone, connect it to your sound system via Bluetooth.

We are sure that our suggestions will help you have a wonderful long weekend. Also, take a moment to show gratitude to any friends or family members who have served in the USA by hugging them and saying “Thank You.”

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