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The Best 10 Pool Inflatables for 2018

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When you have a pool at home, one of the first things that come to mind is to relax in your pool is an inflatable.  Even children enjoy having this plastic device that floats and allows their imaginations to run.  This year, our staff at Platinum Pools came out with ten inflatables considered as the best for 2018.  Before we go through the floats that made our list, we would like to give you a guide on how to buy an inflatable that will be perfect for you. With the number of different options to choose from it’s not like the old days when inflatables came in a small bag and only cost 10¢.

Which are the Best Inflatables?

The best inflatable depends on what you are looking for, your tastes and, of course, how much it costs!  If you decide on what you want or need, have in mind that the material must be durable, so look for one made of vinyl or PVC.

There are inflatables made in almost any shape and form.  If you don’t know where to buy an inflatable, there is good news.  Websites such as Amazon and eBay have a variety of inflatables available to purchase at a price you can afford.  Also, check your local department stores where they now sell pool inflatables as a seasonal item during the summer.

What to Look for in a Good Inflatable?

As we said before, pool inflatables come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  From basic air mattresses to the best floats for adults, there is a float for everyone.  However, you must consider some crucial factors before buying an inflatable. Here are some things for you to keep in mind:

  • Portability – An excellent pool inflatable should be convenient and easy to de-inflate and store after use.
  • Durability – Vinyl and PVC are materials for the construction of inflatables. They are weather resistant, stable and durable.
  • Weight and Capacity – Some inflatables sink due to not being to support weights above a certain point. Keep in mind that it is important to check the maximum weight and capacity of an inflatable, or it will sink.
  • Patch Kits and Air Pump – A good quality inflatable comes with patches and air pumps. Remember that floats are not immune to punctures and small air leaks.

Types of Pool Floats

There are several types of pool inflatables available. Not only are the flotation devices designed to satisfy your needs and desires while you enjoy the pool, but also are designed to with a specific benefit in mind. Some common pool inflatable design benefits are:

Side by Side Pool Float

If you want to enjoy the pool with your husband, parents, children or good friends, the side by side inflatable is perfect for you.  Some inflatables of this type allow two people to look in the same direction, while others are designed so they can be facing each other. Some of these inflatables are full-bodied, while others are for sitting with their feet in the water.

Floats for Fun

Many inflatables you will find available in fun ways and with other capabilities besides the simple flotation. The chairs that swing on the water and the round devices that move through the water are all possibilities that provide more movement and play than the traditional floats. There are different designs, and you have the opportunity to choose the one that suits you the most.

Family Floats

A family group float is designed to house several people who want to spend time floating together in one device:

  • A family inflatable pool is usually round, mimicking a rafting boat.
  • Other round-designed floats have integrated seating for many people.
  • A square float with multiple open spaces is also a favorite for families who like to hang out together on the same inflatable.

You should keep in mind that, although family group inflatables allow everyone to float on one device together, it may require a larger pool space to enjoy.  After all, the family that floats together stay together.

Classic Floats

If you are the traditional type of swimmer, then you may want an inflatable designed to stretch and relax individually on the pool water. Classic pool inflatables are manufactured in a variety of widths and lengths to meet the needs of almost everyone regardless of size.

The Advantage of Having Inflatables

Pool inflatables generally offer a double purpose:

  • They are designed specifically for fun and play.
  • Even the smallest children can enjoy the waters of the pool as long as they are under adult supervision.

There are other benefits to having a float in your pool:

  • They are instrumental at times when you feel too tired to swim, and you find yourself in the deepest part of the pool.
  • It can act as a lifesaver, as it will keep you afloat if the need arises.

Inflatable Buying Guide

Select an Inflatable

Not all inflatables serve all purposes.  Before you purchase one, think about what would work best for you and for those who most use the float.  What will you be doing? Will you tan? Maybe it’s best to get something where you lay down entirely so that you avoid the uncomfortable tan lines. Are you having a drink? Then get one where you are sitting or resting with a built-in cup holder, so you can enjoy a drink comfortably.

Security is Always First

Like all accessories, inflatables will have a warning in an instructional booklet.  But, we could not emphasize more about safety.  Don’t forget to:

  • Follow strict safety practices around the pool.
  • Read the instruction manual carefully.
  • Always have adult supervision while in the swimming pool.

With these simple tips, you can significantly reduce accidents during recreational time.

Where and How

There are people who want to take their inflatables to a lake, river or the beach.  If that is the case, you need to get a float that is appropriate for those areas.  However, when it comes to a swimming pool, the chances are that you and your family are looking for maximum comfort.  Some floats may simulate a reclining chair.  If that is what you’re looking for, then you will feel like a king or queen. Keep in mind of where and how you are using an inflatable.


If you care less about comfort and more about aesthetics, then rely on preference.  Most inflatables are whimsical and fun to ride.  It is even more fun to take snapshots and upload them to your social media account.


Inflatables can have a wide price range.  Think about this before you invest in one.  The price is relevant based on quality, construction, and accessories such as patches and air pumps.  Also, the size of the inflatable plays a significant role in value. Remember, your new toy will be under the sun, so cheaper may not always be better.


When it comes to an inflatable, the material is the principal item; it will make it pressure resistant, flexible and durable.  That is why vinyl and PVC materials are prevalent in the construction of inflatables.

Check Out the Features

You may be looking for an inflatable with a cup holder, lateral clips to hold from boats, or mesh sheets to make you feel refreshed and comfortable.  Other features like parasols and footrest may be present.  There are many features, but what features are included will also contribute to the price.  Determine what your budget is before making a purchase.

How Fast it Inflates and Deflates…That is the Question

When you are ready to purchase an inflatable, get one that inflates and deflates quickly.  You will not want to be sitting by the pool blowing your float for 20 minutes while everyone else is having fun in the water! It is also a good idea to have a patch kit handy in case leaks occur because anything can happen.

The 10 Best Inflatables

And now, let us present to you the 10 best inflatables.  These were selected by originality and easiness to inflate/deflate.

adjustable pool float chairIf what you want is comfort, then you may enjoy this convertible seat to float.  The backrest is adjustable like a reclining seat.  It also includes cup and snack caddies.






Cassette tape pool floatThe Classic Cassette Pool Float is a jumbo floatie for adults, teens, and kids. This pool float is transparent so that you can watch the world go by (or find your sunglasses at the bottom of the pool). The retro cassette tape print makes it a great gift for musicians and music lovers. One of the coolest pools floats you can have this summer!




hamster wheel pool floatIf you think that a Hamster Wheel is just for land, then check this Hamster-like wheel for kids that floats on water. Easy to inflate and deflate.  Size when inflated- 52″ x 25″ inches.






Pool Float ChairLounge for Two!  This gorgeous 2-person pool lounge measures over 6 feet long and over 5 feet wide, it also includes cup holders and built-in pillows.






Pool sound floatSoundfloat is the all-in-one luxury lounge float.  Imagine a pool inflatable with, Bluetooth, sound system, phone/device charger, and more.  If you are a pool owner who simply wants a luxurious afternoon in your backyard, the Soundfloat is for you.




canopyfloatThe Intex Canopy Island float is perfect for relaxing while in the water.  The base has a detachable fabric sun shade and has two air chambers for extra safety.  For added luxury, there are also cup holders on each side; a great way to savor the experience.





labyrinth pool floatKids and adults will have a blast with the Labyrinth Island pool float.  This float holds up to 8 people.  Your kids will be very entertained coming up from under the water and on to the island.





urbancowboy pool floatMove over swan!  Get out of the way duck!  It’s time for the latest Rodeo Bull Ride on Float by Intex.  This inflatable pool float features a ride-on bull designed with innovative photo-realistic printing technology and a large connecting outer tube ring.  It also includes multiple grab handles and a pull rope.  Urban cowboy anyone?



diamond ring pool floatWhen Marilyn said “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, the Captain Floaty company took it seriously.  This is one great gift for girls any age, and they don’t have to be engaged to get one.  It measures five feet long and holds up to 300 pounds.  You can use a hair dryer or a standard air pump to inflate.





avocado pool floatThere are apples, oranges, and lemons, but nothing is more imaginative and conveniently funny as this avocado float.  The inflatable comes with a removable seed that sets as a ball to play.  Great for the whole family to enjoy.

We hope you liked our pool inflatable selections.  Leave us a comment on which inflatable you would buy.  Also, visit our page on Facebook and Twitter and join in on the conversation.