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How to Maintain Swimming Pool Decking

In Ask the Pool Experts by Platinum Pools

If you think that skimming out debris and balancing the chemical levels in your pool’s water is enough, then you are forgetting a very integral part of maintaining your backyard oasis.

Pool Decking is as important as the pool itself.  It gives beauty and character to your oasis.  And, like any other part of your home, it also needs maintenance.

In a recent blog, we explained the different types of decking.  In most cases, the materials used around the swimming pool can all use the same way of cleansing and repair to preserve your decking.

Power Washing your pools DeckingCleaning

You can call a professional to do the job for you.  But, if you are a “hands on” type of person, then, this is what you need to clean your deck:

Items – cleanser, pressure washer (preferably 2500 to 3000 psi), 15 to 25-degree spray tips, water hose.

Cleaning your Pool DeckingProcedure:

  • Remove any plant pots and furniture from the deck.
  • Connect the water hose to the pressure washer.
  • Give a quick spray around the decking to eliminate any leaves or other debris that interfere with the cleansing.
  • Apply the cleanser in sections of the deck to make the job faster.
  • Using a 15 to 25-degree spray tip, proceed to rinse out the decking.
  • Repeat the process when needed.

You can also prepare your own cleaning solvent.  Use eight parts water, 1 part bleach and 1 part liquid dishwasher soap.  The liquid dishwasher soap will help remove any greasy stain on your decking.

Other Types of Maintenance for Your Decking


Another reason why it’s so important to keep the pool decking in shape is the appearance of cracks.  Don’t be surprised!   Despite the type of decking, cracks may appear due to weather changes or too much exposure to the sun.  In some cases, some earth tremors make concrete or any deck surface crack.  However, it is a very straightforward repair, and you can repair it helping to make it last a long time:

Items – garden hose, bucket, sponge, liquid binder, dry deck repair powder, trowel.


  • Take out the garden hose and rinse out the whole area; take additional time to clear any dirt from the crack.
  • Let the deck dry completely.
  • Remove any loose concrete particles in or around the crack.
  • Use the liquid binder and the dry deck repair powder and mix it in the bucket.
  • Carefully place the mixture into the crack until is filled.
  • Finish and smooth the patch with the trowel.
  • Damp the sponge and remove any excess remains around the crack.
  • Continue using the same procedure for each crack.

In the event of a more significant crack, use more mixture.

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