4th of July Pool Party

Swimming Pool Expert Party Planning

Celebrating our nation’s freedom from the British government and the signing of the Declaration of Independence should only be done one way: BIG. What better way to continue and celebrate the tradition of our freedom than to join together with friends and family and throw a pool party? Grill some good old American food poolside and watch the “bombs bursting in air.”

Want to throw the perfect 4th of July pool party? Try some of these ideas:

It’s all about the food

  • Food can be as simple or as fancy as you would like for this party! Anything from hamburgers to southern barbecue to roasted chicken will serve as a great main dish. Check out different recipes for grilling, side dishes, and desserts!
  • Find the perfect drinks to go along with your food! Try some delicious mocktails and cocktails for your party. Be sure to have plenty of ice and water on hand as dehydration is a very real danger in the hot month of July. Also, check out some alcohol and water safety tips.


  • Invite your closest friends and family or consider throwing a block party.
  • Make sure you send out invitations 3 to 4 weeks ahead of time and include some type of RSVP.
  • Purchase and/or make some red, white, and blue invitations and consider passing them out to your friends face to face.
  • Want to catch your guest’s attention? Invite them by writing the party information on a beach ball and pass them out when they’re all blown up!
  • Want to save money? Try using an Evite, an e-mail invitation.


  • 4th of July parties are easy to decorate because all you really need are the colors red, white, and blue! Try getting plates and napkins with these colors.
  • Put little toothpick-American flags on the food on the buffet table and around the sitting areas.
  • Streamers and tinsel are great ways to make your party more festive! Use Christmas lights and Citronella candles to light up your pool area once the sun sets. They’ll keep the bugs away and won’t prevent you from seeing any fireworks.

Educational Elements and Games

  • Print out and post a copy of the text of the Declaration of Independence. Consider making a timeline that chronicles the events of the war as our nation separated from England and the major related events after the 4th of July 1776. (Did you know the Constitution wasn’t signed until September 17, 1787?)
  • See who can list the most names of the original men who signed the official document of the Declaration of Independence. Set the timer for 3 minutes and have a prize for the winner.
  • Volleyball and other pool games are great for socializing and having fun with your friends!
  • The states game. Give every guest a pen and paper. Set the timer for 3 minutes. See who can list the most states in the allotted time. You’ll be surprised to find that with the time crunch it’s harder than you think!

We hope you enjoy your poolside 4th of July party this year- please share your pictures and any other party-planning tips with the Platinum Pools Family on our Twitter or Facebook fan page! Who knows- your uploaded picture might be the winning entry in an upcoming photo contest!