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Master Checklist: How to Host the Perfect Pool Party

In Party Planning by Platinum Pools

Hoping to be the envy of your neighbors by throwing the pool party of the year? You’ve come to the right place! With a few easy steps, tips, and checklists to help your party be a major success.


Just like Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies, the perfect party has needs a “recipe” to help make sure you have everything you need and to ensure

•    Choose a theme! Do you want a Hawaiian Luau? Fourth of July Splash? Is it your son or daughter’s birthday party? Want to have a small get together with few close friends? Or maybe even a Christmas themed party? Your “theme” is the framework for your perfect party so choose carefully and try to stick to it.

•    The guest list: Decide which of your friends, family, and neighbors you want at your party. Often times a block party is a great way to meet new neighbors and catch up with the ones you already know.

•    Invitations can be as formal or as informal as you like, just try to match them with your theme. Try to get creative and have fun with these! Shoot out an email with a few pictures attached of last year’s party. Or, buy some invitations and consider personally delivering them for that extra personal touch.

•    Pick out the music. By choosing the music ahead of time will help relieve the stress of playing host/hostess during your party and allow your guests to relax and have more fun. (Can’t think of anything? Try this playlist.)

•    Plan your party menu. Food and drinks are a must to keep your guests happy while they chat and splash away. Although it’s not necessary, sticking to the theme here again will help you plan the perfect dishes and snacks. Try to get food and drinks that you can put together the night before to eliminate stress.

•    Clean the pool the day of the party! Skim the top an hour before your guests arrive to get rid of those leaves, bugs, and other floating things that could put a damper on your party.

Go Shopping

•    Set a budget and allocate wisely. A great pool party can be had at any budget. Usually a good rule of thumb is to try to think about what you want your guests to remember when they leave and spend the most money there.

•    Make a list of the essentials you need for your party. This includes things like snacks, sodas, extra sunscreen, and citronella candles.

•    Don’t forget snacks and drinks and any plates, napkins, cups, or utensils you might need.

•    Next, make a list of the non-essentials. Even though they’re technically not essential, these are the things that make your party fun. Have fun with your theme by adding Christmas lights, pool toys, and extras that will help your guests feel like you went the extra mile.

Party Time

•    Consider the set up of your pool party. Try putting the drinks near the pool so your guests don’t have to jump out for a quick refreshment. Also, consider having separate areas for the snack table and where you would like for your guests to eat their food.

•    Think about questions your guests might have. Make sure you have a place for your guests to change in and out of their swimsuits and make sure everyone knows where the restroom is.

•    Does your party need a quick pick-me-up? Consider some pool games like Marco-polo, a belly-flop contest, or a treasure hunt for the kids.

•    Relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor! Turn up the music and jump in — it’s party time!