Artificial Turf

Learn the Advantages of Artificial Turfs

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Artificial turf is becoming more popular in decoration and landscaping.   You may find it in many homes where golf putting is key or making an oasis more natural.  Many public areas like schools and parks are opting for a lawn with “less maintenance.”  What it used to be a synthetic green and plastic cover, the new artificial turf is more natural and softer than its ancestors.  It will look impeccable and realistic, hardly different from the real thing.

According to experts, there are ten advantages of having artificial turfs;

Save Time, Water and Money

With artificial turf, the necessary maintenance is significantly reduced to make the appearance of your garden look great. It doesn’t need water nor cutting; it will save water and money than natural grass.  And, maintenance is barely existent.

Place It on Any Surface

If some offices use artificial turf on walls, imagine where it can go on.  Artificial turf can go on top of the soil, concrete, or even tile. 

Perfect Appearance Every Time

Appearance is always realistic and pleasant, hardly distinguishable from natural grass with the naked eye. There is a variety of textures available, but a soft one is excellent for children.  The color will stay for years, guaranteed.

Drainage Capacity

Artificial turfs are resistant to weather conditions.  It also has excellent drainage capacity.  So, if the area where you plan to put an A.T. (artificial turf) never puddled, it won’t happen either.  A.T. can drain from 13 to 16 gallons for every 3 feet per minute.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf does not accumulate bacteria, mites, insects, or worms, since artificial being does not attract so much surface. It does not produce any health problems, nor irritations, nor allergic reactions of any kind. 

Great for Around the Swimming Pool

A.T. is resistant to chemical products, especially chlorine.  It is also non-slip, and the fibers will not deteriorate even if it serves as a deck to the pool.

Pet Resistant

If you have a dog and you are considering an AT, request for one compatible for all types of pets.  Consider that the acidity of the urine must not harm the turf, and that is easy to clean if your pet does its best.  Using non-abrasive products is ideal for cleaning the lawn and removing the odors as well.

Kid Friendly

Your children will have a great time in the backyard.  An A.T. soft texture is perfect anywhere; from homes with children to nurseries, schools, and leisure areas.  Since A.T. does not accumulate bacteria, mites, insects, or worms, parents can be at ease.


If you consider placing an A.T. on concrete and tile, it can be easy to install.  When it comes to land, you should have an expert to do the installation.  It can take some time, depending on the square footage, and the condition of the landscaping.

Economic and Sustainable

Artificial turf does not need watering so that you will save 100% of the water previously spent on the maintenance of artificial turf.  There is no polluting the soil since it doesn’t require any fertilizer or chemical products.