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The Phases of Building a Swimming Pool Part Four – Setting Pool Filter and Pump

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There is plenty of information and blogs on how to build a swimming pool.  There may be 10 to 15 steps, but the one that most of them miss is setting the filter and pump system.  Before shooting the gunite, the steel structure must go into place, followed by setting up the pipes and wires to make the swimming pool function correctly.

The plumbing system plays a vital role in the structure of the swimming pool.  It includes making space for skimmers, drainage, and water features.  Remember, the pipes will have to go through the property to reach the pump and filter systems.

When the time comes to place the filter and pump system, there are a few things you should ask, like the type of pump that it needs or, should I have a sand filter or a cartridge filter.

Choosing a Pool Pump

When choosing a pump to go with your swimming pool, you need to make sure it fits with everything your oasis has to offer.  How many gallons of water does the pool hold, how often will the pool be in use, does the system have more than just the swimming pool, and the weather (yes, weather) all play an essential role in making your decision.  If you live in an area where it’s warm most of the year, then the pool pump will be in operation more days out of the year than not.  When the time comes to choose a swimming pool pump.

Choosing a Pool Filter

Another critical factor is the filter.  There are three types available, but the most popular is the cartridge filter.

The cartridge filters are pleated, and it maximizes the cleaning process by gathering debris as small as 10 to 15 microns.  In other words, the larger the area, the more particles you can filter out. The cartridge filters fall in the middle, so it’s only water surrounding them, making it more efficient equipment.

Cleaning them is easy by using a garden hose to rinse the filter chamber and cartridges.  Most pool owners clean their pool’s filter system every six months, depending on the water chemistry. 

Size of Your Pool

One crucial factor is that the filter and the pump must fit with the size and accessories your pool will have. Don’t oversize the pool pump when using cartridge filters.  With the perfect fit, it will save time and money on chemicals and water.  For example, if your swimming pool will hold 30,000 gallons of water, it requires a large filter system to circulate every day; including the water features.

Lastly, the construction company must provide a licensed plumber and electrician to do the job.  Do not cover the wiring and pipe systems until a building inspector checks and approves the work.

On our next blog, we continue with a second part that includes the pool heater, chemical dispersion, light system, and a control system.  

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