Polaris Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Why Automatic Pool Cleaners are Better for Your Swimming Pool

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An important guarantee Platinum Pools gives to their customers is a low-maintenance, custom-made swimming pool. Owning a low maintenance swimming pool means that it only takes around 15 minutes to care for your pool. An essential accessory you need for your pool is an automatic pool cleaner. In the past, a pool owner had to put together an entire pool cleaning system just to vacuum their pool, ensuring to absorb any leaves or debris from the bottom of the pool. Today, automatic pool cleaners can rid most of the leaves and debris from the bottom of the pool on their own, minimizing the amount of time you personally spend cleaning your pool.

When Looking to Buy an Automatic Pool Cleaner for your Oasis, Keep in Mind the Following:

The Size of Your PoolNo booster needed automatic pool cleaner

This will help determine the best automatic pool cleaner for your pool’s needs.


Not all pool equipment comes cheap. Don’t believe that an automatic pool cleaner is for convenience only, but may also be a necessity. The investment in purchasing an automatic pool cleaner is not only for the benefit of your pool but also for the benefit of your family’s health.


Do you want an automatic pool cleaner that works like a vacuum, brush, or both? It’s recommended to study and investigate the benefits of each automatic pool cleaner and how the suitable differences each type is for you and your swimming pool.

As you investigate more about the product, you will find more and more benefits of owning an automatic pool cleaner.

Some of the Most Important Automatic Pool Cleaner Features are:

Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaner


Automatic pool cleaners scrub the surface of the pool, helping to keep the swimming pool floor, walls, and steps clean.

Chemical Treatment

Some models can help with the chemical treatment of your swimming pool. Making applying chemicals needed for your pool easy.

Energy Saver

Automatic pool cleaners are self-programmed with built-in microprocessors. This allows the equipment to automatically travel around the water.

Sanitize the Swimming Pool in Less Time

Automatic pool cleaners cut the time of pool cleaning and are more efficient than manual pool cleaning.

Robotic Pool Cleaner


Automatic pool cleaners can help remove all types of debris commonly found in pools such as; leaves, twigs, algae, and other particles. Automatic pool cleaners can also clean the walls, steps, crevices, and the floor of your swimming pool.

In addition, many automatic pool cleaners come with a remote control, allowing you to control the equipment during the cleaning session.

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