Easter Pool Party

How to Organize an Easter Pool Party

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If you live in an area where the weather is excellent at Easter, like Texas, then you are in luck.  We are crazy about pool parties, and Easter is another event where you can wear a new swimsuit and let the kids enjoy the day.  However, if you are thinking about inviting guests and relatives with children, then it’s time to cook up some ideas to make it memorable.

Easter Pool Party Suggestions:


Easter Party Decorations

The bunny, eggs, and chocolate come to mind when we think of Easter.  But that’s not all your limited to when it comes to Easter decorations; pastel colors can be part of the décor as well.  If you are planning to have a soirée in the daytime, pastel-colored balloons will go great to decorate your swimming pool and can serve as a souvenir for the children.  If your party is going to take place in the early evening, then LED multi-colored lights will do the trick.

Your food buffet deserves an Easter decoration.  Easter-themed plastic tablecloths are imperative for the occasion.  Small wicker or plastic baskets with candy serve as both a treat and a souvenir, for the little guests.  The baskets look beautiful on the table, and you don’t have to worry about storing them later. Treat bags with the Easter Bunny on them may be used as an alternative to the Easter baskets as a decorative item.

Easter Pool Party Decorations

Another fun and easy Easter decoration idea is to cut-out cardboard shaped like bunnies, eggs or baskets and place them around the backyard.  These cardboard decorations don’t take up much space, and you can use them year after year.

If you are looking to save even more time with your decorations, you can look for decorations featuring some famous bunnies such as; Bugs Bunny, Oswald Rabbit or Peter Rabbit.  Usually, these lovable characters have everything from cups to balloons; even games like pin the tail on the bunny.


Easter Pool Party Sandwich Meat and Cheese

We can’t forget that Easter is about candy, chocolates, and everything that’s sweet.  If you are looking to serve chocolate bars at your party, make sure to place your bowl of chocolate bars on top of another filled with ice.  This will help keep the candy from melting.

Sandwiches are another great treat that children and grown-ups enjoy.  A hearty tray of cold cuts and cheeses with croissants or French bread is ideal.  In addition to having a tray of deli meats and cheeses, have a basket filled with assorted bags of chips that party-goers can enjoy with their sandwiches.

Cranberry Sangria

Beverages can range from sodas, juices, and water.  But if you want to do something different, make a non-alcoholic sangria using cranberry juice cocktails and place it in a dispenser.  By serving the sangria in a dispenser, it will make it easier for anyone to serve without making a mess.


SouvenirsEaster Pool Party Bunny Bags

Apart from the treat baskets or treat bags, why not give them something to remember?  Keychains with small bunny figures, a personalized Easter egg or bunny ears are great for the kids.  If your guests are teenagers, then t-shirts with a famous rabbit will be the coolest piece of clothing they will enjoy.


There are a lot of Easter themed games to choose from, and you can find them online.  But these two are ideal for both kids and adults:

Easter Egg Pool Toss

  • Do the Bunny – If you have leftover Easter eggs, fill them with activities to keep the kids, and adults, moving. Just select an egg, open it and do what the message says.  Some examples of activities to put in the eggs are; do the bunny hop or different types of dances. In addition to being a fun and entertaining game for all ages, this game is also a great way to get the children’s creative imagination going.
  • Egg Toss – All you need for this game is a basket (or baskets) and empty Easter eggs. Have the basket(s) floating in the swimming pool and have the kids and adults outside on the pool deck, toss the empty eggs in the basket.  The person who scores the most eggs in the basket wins.

In our next blog, we will provide you the aquatic version of the Easter Scavenger Hunt.  Always remember when it comes to pool parties, safety comes first. Always have adequate adult supervision present and your first aid kit readily available.

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