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Have a Back to School Pool Party

In Party Planning by Platinum Pools

As summer comes to an end, you may want to consider a Back to School Pool Party for your kids (it doesn’t have to be on a Labor Day weekend). Luckily, Texas still has perfect pool party summer temperatures at the beginning of September.

Last week we published a blog on how to organize a Labor Day Pool Party. We highly recommend you use it as a guide for any pool party you may have.  Everything you may need to do regarding cleaning the pool, seating accommodations, food and preparations related to games is there.  In this blog post, we would like to provide you with a few ideas on decorations, giveaways and other different ways to make the Back to School Pool Party memorable.

Back to School Pool Party Planning Guidelines

Theme Decorations

When it comes to decorations, you want to stick with everything Back to School related.  You may be tempted or persuaded by the kids to go with any Super Hero or favorite cartoon character.  In the long run, pencils and crayons will be more inspiring… more on this coming later.

Back To School Pool Party InvitationsInvitations

Etsy provides an array of printed or virtual invitations to choose from.  The advantage is that they are gorgeous, and you can edit any information straight from your computer.  There are 110 styles to choose from, just for the Back to School Pool Party.  Imagine how many more options they may have to choose from for other pool party occasions?

Party Favors

Back To School Stickers

In most cases, Back to School Pool Parties are catered for kids and teenagers.  So, how do go about selecting party favors?  The best way to go about it is by giving out pocket notebooks.  They are inexpensive, and everyone needs one.  There are some that come with a pen or pencil.  Stickers also come in handy and can be used to decorate notebooks the kids use for school.  There are some stickers with great inspiring quotes and slogans.  If you know of any students who collect stickers, you will make their day.


Games… With Prizes

A great way to entertain students at a pool party is by having games with prizes.  A swimming contest is one of the most popular activities. Another back to school themed pool game that kids will love is fetching an apple. All you need to play this game is an apple and a swimming pool. Have all the kids line up on one end of the swimming pool, then throw an apple into the pool, the first person to get the apple wins.  You can give away prizes like a pencil case or a nice set of coloring pencils for art class to the winners of each game.

Back to School Party

Pizza, Soda Pop, and More…

In most cases, pizza and soda is a popular choice among kids for party food.  If you plan to have about 30 students, and probably, any other moms or dads present, plan to have at least 10 large pizzas.  Don’t worry, there are inexpensive pizza options that are perfect for feeding large groups and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  In addition to pizza and soda, you can also offer a nice punch or chips and dip.

Have a Photo Booth

Photo booths are the latest craze for any occasion.  You can hire an expert for a nominal fee.  You can also create your own using a Back to School themed background.  All you need is to find a wall for the themed backdrop and some themed decorations and props.  Kids and adults alike will enjoy recording an event that they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

We’ll Say It Again and Again

It is a big responsibility when throwing a pool party, especially when children and teenagers are present.  Therefore, never be without a first aid kit and life jackets.  Always have adults take turns in keeping an eye on the kids while in the pool.  Remember, safety is always first, make it the first priority for any aquatic event at home.