Lighted Sheer Descent

Sheer Descents: Add Beauty and Life to Your Pool Day and Night!

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Sheer descents are a captivating water feature that can be added on any new, remodeled or existing pool or spa.


Sheer descents produce a clear water arc.  They are versatile in providing a wide variety of water effects and simple adjustments, easily adapt to your taste or any environment.  This water feature is available in different lengths, anywhere from eight inches up to eight feet, and include curved or extended edge models.  You can adjust them from a sheet of calm water that looks like glass to a roaring mountain waterfall.

Technical Details

  • Creates a transparent sheet of water that descends gradually to the surface of the pool.
  • Made of PVC and X-Baffle™.

The water that falls out of sheer descents naturally becomes narrower as it falls. Due to this, this sheers should not be installed more than 3 1/2 feet above the surface of the water, or the sheet will begin to split.

One of the advantages of sheer descents is the ability to provide a continuous sheet of water with a minimum flow. A standard 4-foot model, for example, requires only 48 gallons per minute to operate. In most cases, a standard sized pool pump will run the sheer descent cascade, helping to filter the pool and reducing the loss of total water rotation. As a general rule, the sheer descent cascade requires approximately 12 gallons per minute per foot with a small pressure loss.  More gallons can be used to project the waterfall away from the wall to achieve a more dramatic effect.

Sheer Descent With Water Bowls On Raised Wall


The installation of the sheer descent cascade, which uses the pool’s main filter pump, is the most common pipe system due to the unique low-flow characteristic of the cascade system.  Place a 3-way valve on the return line, after the filter, and put the cascade feed pipe using a Schedule 40 tube of PVC of at least 1 1/2 ” long they also need a pipeline of at least two inches.

Installing Several Sheer Descents

If there are several sheer descents installed or a sheer descent of six feet or more, we recommend the installation of a separate pump to run these water features. When placing the pipes for a dedicated pump for the use of sheer descent, placing another suction line of the pool is a must, as well as a Schedule 40 tube of a minimum of two inches.

Sheer Descents Into a Spa

Install at least two (2) suction (anti-trapping) outlets with covers that comply with ANSI / ASME A112.19.8-2007 standard certification. Install suction outlets (drains) by ANSI / APSP-7, the US national standard for preventing suction entrapment in swimming pools, children’s pools, spas, hot tubs, and sumps. It is essential that the anti-trapping suction cover is placed 18″ above the floor of the pool.

It is also essential to install a sheer descent filter/strainer or an equivalent.  This part goes on the return side between the pump and the sheer descent. When installing a separate pump, it is NECESSARY to PLACE A FILTER, since residues like hair and lint must not enter into the Sheer Descent equipment.  If there is an installation that requires up to sixty gallons per minute, use a sheer descent filter. If more water is needed, use two (2) or more filters with parallel pipes. You should also place a separate return line, with a 3-way valve set in such a way that it can balance between the sheer descent and return to the pool.

Why Add Sheer Descents To Your Pool?

If you are considering having a swimming pool in your home, don’t forget to include sheer descents.  They are relaxing to look at and gives an elegant look to your oasis.

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