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Bar Stools, Tables and Swim-Up Bars – Customizing Your Swimming Pool

In Pool Features by Platinum Pools

Since its creation, swim-up bar stools made it possible to enjoy a drink or a snack without getting out of the pool. It would take years to become one of the favorite additions to a swimming pool in residential backyards.

Eventually, the in-pool table and bar stools came along for those who didn’t have any or little patio space but wanted an area to gather in the pool.

How Did It All Begin?

The swim-up bar originated in Las Vegas in the early 1950s.  As swimming pools started to pop up at hotels across America, these boys from Las Vegas were looking to seep gambling into a suburban vacation.  As a way to get free public relations, the Sands Hotel and Casino launched floating craps and blackjack tables.  In 1957, the Tropicana opened at the other end of the strip. Adding swim-up blackjack tables and tiki bars to generate more revenue from those who were hanging out by the pool.  No wonder that the bar and the pool go hand in hand in Las Vegas these days.

swim up bar and stools

So, what does it take to have in-pool tables and bar stools?  What about the swim-up bar?

According to the experts:

  • Swim – up bars, and in-pool table and bar stools should be in shallow areas with 30 to 42 inches of water
  • The height of the seat must be comfortable for sitting and allow the person to remain partially submerged in water.
  • The countertop of a swim-up bar or an in-pool table should be 6 inches above the pool’s coping to provide sufficient knee room.

Consider these facts if you want a place to gather in a swimming pool

  • Having an in-pool table and bar stools, or swim-up bar creates a resort setting in your backyard
  • Enjoy entertaining your family and guests in a relaxed atmosphere
  • It will save you patio space
  • Both gathering formats are excellent for children – you can serve their lunches or snacks without getting out of the swimming pool.
  • If you have a small to medium sized backyard, having a swim-up bar or in-pool dining will save you space.


The advantage that bar stools and tables have is that they are entirely customizable.  They are UV resistant as well as chemical resistant.  And while there are other tables and bar stools that can be removable, ours are built-in so they will last forever.

If you are looking to convert your backyard into the ultimate staycation, remember that Platinum Pools has every accessory available to make your dreams come true.  Call us at 281.870.1600, or visit our offices in Houston, Beaumont or Victoria.  You can also request a free quote on our website.