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Pool Slides – How to Select the Right One for Your Swimming Pool

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Having a pool at home can be one of the best advantages.  It gives a very festive and recreational atmosphere, helping to reduce everyday stress, and a brilliant excuse to share pleasant times with friends and family. an addition of Pool slides makes everything better.

If you have ever gone to a water parks, you probably saw many pools, different shapes, heights, and colors, making you want to build your own amusement park, especially during the hottest months of the year.  If you have small children, or, if you are a very jovial person, you should know that there are different elements that make your oasis more than a great place, and one of those accessories is the water slide.

People want to have fun, and pool slides are the most quintessential accessory. If you have a spacious pool and it is a little deep, the idea of installing a slide can be a fantastic idea.  Imagine; live and experience fun by just using it, your children and your guests having a ball, and having gatherings with your friends and family.

typhoon pool slide

How to Choose a Pool Slide

Before we go into the different models of this classic accessory, here are some tips that you need before acquiring a water slide:


Swimming pool slides can take space; sometimes, more than expected.  When you consult with our designers at Platinum Pools, they will work with you on a design that not only includes the accessory but also what is required on space and installation, which takes us to the next tip…


Our designers always have safety in their minds when it comes to where to place pool slides on a swimming pool.  The pool slide needs to be where water is not too shallow and typically not too deep.


Remember when water slides came in sky-blue only?  Not anymore!  Water slides have evolved to the point that they can go in combination with waterfalls, in earth tones to match natural stones.

Turn Left or Right?

Choosing a turn on your water slide will depend on how much space there is on the deck and location.  Consult with our designers, and they will advise where to place the slide and carefully provide enough space to set it.

Call the Experts for Installation

Although many water slide companies provide instructions on how to install a water slide, we strongly advise that the best way is to have a professional do it for you.


We know that many people can install a water slide themselves, but you want your pool decking and coping to be in top-notch shape for the installation.  A professional can ensure that the water slide is placed securely and correctly to make it reliable. This is a good reason why you don’t take the installation of a water slide lightly.

Backyard Swimming Pool with a water slide

Pool Slides Styles

As mentioned before, space will help determine which style of pool slide works best for your swimming pool.  For example, if you have a small pool, maybe you can put the traditional straight pool slide, that little ones can enjoy for a long time.   Another option is the curved slide, which is quite fun for its irregular shape.  When it has a curved path, you can slide into a pool much faster than a straight slide. One of the most popular models is the typhoon, designed with an integrated step and handrail. It guarantees maximum safety.  It also provides a supply system giving large amounts of water for a fun-filled descent.

And then we have the waterfalls with slides, the feature that is a win-win situation for children and adults.  First, adults will enjoy the view and the sound of water falling into the pool.  But, of course, you already knew that.  However, when it has a slide, you are providing your children, and even yourself, hours of fun.   There are two types of waterfalls with slides available:

Natural Rock

Natural rock waterfall slide combos combine natural moss rock with a gunite slide, adding beauty and excitement to your swimming pool.

Artificial Rock

Artificial rock waterfall slide combos has the advantage to replicate any style of a natural stone, also combined with a gunite slide.

Which Water Slide Should you Choose?

Let our team of experts help you find the one that fits your pool best, and, let a professional do the installation.  Platinum Pools is ready to help.  Call us at 281.870.1600 or visit our offices at Houston, Beaumont or Victoria.  You can also request a quote on our website.