The Best Gifts for Swimming Pool Owners

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It’s always a good time to give your friends a gift.  If you have friends or relatives that are “pool crazy”, then you are in luck.

Ever in a situation where you don’t know what to give?  At times, a swimming pool accessory can be the perfect gift.  Here is a list of some artifacts that goes well for swimmers of all ages:

Floating Chair –

floating lounge chair

Excellent for those who just want to lounge in the water.  Many of them are resistant to scrapes and gouges and very comfortable thanks to a thick foam covered in vinyl.

Outdoor Accent Lights –


These LED lights have rechargeable batteries and they are great to illuminate your pool deck or patio at night.

Waterproof Basketball Hoop Set –

waterproof basketball hoop

Remember the ones you had on the street for you and your neighbors to play?  This one is slightly different since it’s the swimming pool version! They are also made with UV resistant materials.

Tea Cup Spinner –

spinning teacup float

The famous park rides now in a floating pool artifact version.  It holds one person in the cup while your friends spin the cup and saucer. It has an inflatable seat and no leg holes.  Is also suitable for smaller children (under adult supervision).

The Giant Swan –

giant swan float

A favorite amongst those who own a pool (even the Kardashians have a few).  With a measurement of 75 inches from beak to tail, this float is excellent for a ride or can act as a tanning float.

Floating Mini Tray –

 floating mini tray

Retro-grave at its finest that will take you back to the early days of Las Vegas.  The tray is made out of a soft foam that makes it easy to float in the water.  Now you can bring your beverages and snacks in the pool for next level laziness and comfort.

Pool Speaker –

floating speakers

Go wireless with a floating wireless speaker.  It comes in various sizes and colors to choose from.  Perfect for music lovers!

The Floating Cooler –


This one is perfect for those who just don’t want to get out of the water.  A maximum convenience, especially if you don’t want your guests to go back and forth to the kitchen to fetch a drink.

Ledge Lounger –

ledge lounger

If the pool has a tanning bench, why not add a couple of ledge loungers?  They are gorgeous to look at and make it easy to sunbathe thanks to its contoured shape.

Goggles –


The perfect gift for those who enjoy water exercises.  Watersports Goggles are excellent for its comfort and fog-free lenses.  With goggles like these, anyone can become an athlete in the water.