Celebrities and there swimming pools

Hollywood Stars and Their Swimming Pools

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Since the early days of the film industry in America, celebrities have been pampered citizens of the world.  Always admired, always envied by the clothes they wear, the jewelry, or the exotic places they travel.  But there is nothing more admired, and envied, than their homes.  From ranch style homes to European cottages, it is the swimming pool that brings them back after a hard-working day at the studio.

It is certain that today many of these actors, producers, and directors have very little time to enjoy the rewards that their work brings.  Back in the golden years of Hollywood, they all worked from 5am to 8pm, returning home for a meal, and go to sleep.  And after they’re finished with a project, they find the time to “chill”.

There is no denying that Hollywood is the place to find a lot of celebrity swimming pools.  Here are some photos to admire from the Golden Era:

Marilyn Monroe

marilyn and her swimming pool

When Marilyn Monroe was not filming, she was enjoying a well-deserved R&R at her home in the Brentwood area in Los Angeles.  Her pool had brick tiles on the deck surrounding a bean-shaped pool.

Jane Powell

Jane Powell on swimming pool diving board

Jane Powell, the girl most liked in Hollywood, was an actor, singer, and dancer who spent most of her time on radio engagements and acting in films.  It would be in one of those country clubs in Beverly Hills where you would find Jane enjoying her time swimming or diving.  Today she resides in Connecticut.

Douglas Fairbanks

Douglas Fairbanks swimming pool canal

They were the first royal couple of Hollywood.  When Douglas Fairbanks. and Mary Pickford married, they built the home of their dreams.  The 18-acre property called Pickfair included a swimming pool that also served as a canal.

Al Jolson

Al Jolson with his dog at his swimming pool

Singer/Actor Al Jolson enjoys lounging by the pool in his Encino home in 1930.  Today, the estate is one of the few properties that is still in its original design and beauty.

Esther Williams

Esther Williams enjoying her very own swimming pool

This gorgeous photo taken in the early 1940’s is none other than Esther Williams.  Under contract with MGM from 1940 to 1955, she would have access to the swimming pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel until the studio built one just for her.

Joan Crawford

Joann Crawford Swimming at her homes swimming pool

Another MGM alumni, Joan Crawford, loved having dinner parties and swim in her pool at her home in Brentwood.  This photo, taken by Gene Lester in 1939, shows the real Lucille LeSueur with no make-up, just her freckles and a refreshing water under the California sun.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra Sitting in his pools spa

Even the Chairman of the Board finds some time for a little R&R by the pool.  This is the famous piano-shaped swimming pool at Frank Sinatra’s home in Palm Springs, California. Despite submerging the magazine in the water, it doesn’t matter.  Let Frank have it his way.

Tyrone Power

Tyrone Power Enjoying his pools diving board

Matinée screen idol Tyrone Power finds the diving board a great place to tan a bit.  The pool and his home in Brentwood was one of two homes he would live in his lifetime, and designed by architect Paul Revere Williams.