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Our Favorite Water Sports & Swimming Pool Exercises

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Out of the 59 water sports in existence, only 8 of them are popular in swimming pool activities.  Whether the kids want to imitate Michael Phelps, or the adults want to find a more comfortable way to lose weight, and gain muscle and joint flexibility, there is a water exercise to suit your needs.

What is truly amazing is that some of these come in your swimming pool naturally if you have a springboard.    Others are inspired from pool accessories like masks, balls, snorkels or just your body itself.  No matter the situation, the swimming pool will be the ideal backyard area to do exercise.

Let’s take a look at them:


The most popular with kids and teenagers.  All you need is a diver’s mask, a tube (called snorkel) and fins. You don’t go underwater; you actually are on water, but part of your head is submerged in water to look at the bottom.  This is popular in adults who practice in open waters to admire some marine life and reefs.   Usually, this activity is considered a “leisure” sport.  But let’s face it, it all starts in a swimming pool.

Scuba Diving

Many of the people who want to practice this sport will learn it in a swimming pool first.  Most instructors prefer a pool for first-time scuba divers.  Others who have a pool prefer to have the instructor teach them at home.  Why is that?  In comparison to snorkeling, scuba diving is an underwater activity with its complexities.  You will need an oxygen tank and a body suit.

Rescue Swimming

If you can swim freestyle, breaststroke, inverted breaststroke or sidestroke, then you can do rescue swimming.  This is not a sport; is a routine that can prepare you to rescue a swimmer in distress.  With eye and voice contact, it is a great skill to have, especially if you spend some time in the water. Believe it or not, all lifeguards and/or rescuers learn the technics in a swimming pool.


Another of the first activities you will do in a swimming pool.  No matter if it is from a platform, the border of your pool or a springboard, this is one that many enjoy.  Its origins go way back to the United Kingdom in the late 19th century, known then as Plunging.  What makes diving interesting?  Well, if you have acrobat talents, then this one’s for you.

Synchronized Swimming

With a bit of music and some friends you can start dancing in water, swim in rhythm, or do a summersault under water.  There, my friends, you get synchronized swimming.  Don’t think that it’s easy.  It requires great strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry and great timing.  Oh, did I tell you that you also need exceptional breath control?


Match is not a water sport but a game where a Waboba is passed from one player to another while bouncing on water.  And what is a Waboba?  Waboba is a ball that actually bounces on water.  Invented by Barns Wallace after World War II, it wasn’t until Jan Von Herland perfected the artefact in the 1980’s.  Since its release in 2005, the Waboba (Water Bouncing Ball) has become a popular fun device.

Water Polo

Taken from rugby and soccer, this is one that you will play in a swimming pool.  Pass it from one player to another; score and get a goal.  Many kids who do it for fun will set an area in the pool for score, a goal keeper and a few to pass the ball.  In reality, you need a water polo ball constructed with a water-resistant material and that is designed with an easy grip for the players.


The word almost says it all.  What started as a fad in the 1980’s is now a bona fide cardio vascular exercise.  The difference is that, when practiced in a pool, it turns into an intense routine rather than a cardio vascular routine.  Other exercises made the transition from land to water such as yoga, Zumba and jogging.

So, if you’re looking to enjoy any water sport or to enjoy quality time with your family, your pool is the ideal place.  Don’t forget to consult your physician before you start any exercise routine.