What is a Plunge Pool?

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If you’re looking to cool down during the summer but don’t have the space for a conventional swimming pool, a plunge pool could be the perfect solution.  Regardless of how small or large your backyard is, you can create a refreshing, relaxing spot with a plunge pool.  When you work with a pool builder, they can customize the size and depth of your plunge pool to fit your backyard.  One of the most significant advantages of a plunge pool is its compact size, meaning that even if you have a small backyard, you can still enjoy other features, such as a garden, a dining area, or a play area for your children.  Considering a plunge pool, you must know the pros, cons, and installation considerations and maximize your investment.

A plunge pool, also known as a dipping pool, is a small and compact pool designed for relaxation and cooling off.  While plunge pools are common in luxurious settings like hotels and spas, they are gradually becoming more popular in residential areas as they provide a more affordable swimming pool installation option.  Depending on the environment, plunge pools can come in different shapes and designs to suit a more peaceful or social setting.  It may include additional seating, lighting, or water features.

How Big is a Plunge Pool?

Plunge pools are usually 200-400 square feet.  Some designs feature deeper water at 5-7 feet, while others have a shallower depth of 3-4 feet.  Generally, they have a flat bottom, unlike traditional pools with sloped floors.

Thanks to its size, plunge pools can be easily placed in a corner, nestled against a planter wall, or integrated into a deck, providing an inviting and cohesive feel with the rest of your outdoor design and landscaping.

How Does a Plunge Pool Work?

A plunge pool is like a smaller version of a regular swimming pool, so it works similarly.  Its pump circulates water by pulling it through the skimmer and main drains, then passing it through the filter before pushing it back into the pool through the return jets. 

Advantages of Building a Plunge Pool

Let’s start with some of the most significant advantages of selecting a plunge pool over a traditional swimming pool:

They Require Less Space

Plunge pools are smaller than regular pools, typically measuring anywhere from 10 to 20 feet long, 6 to 10 feet wide, and around 4 to 6 feet in depth.  They are about 50% smaller than traditional swimming pools on average.  Since plunge pools are smaller, they can fit into areas where conventional swimming pools are not feasible, especially if you have a smaller property or backyard.

They’re Cheaper to Install

A plunge pool can be installed for a lower cost than a traditional pool due to its smaller size, requiring fewer materials and less labor.

They’re Cheaper to Maintain

Keep in mind that the cost savings continue after installation.  The ongoing maintenance of your pool is significantly more affordable since it only uses a fraction of the chemicals for water maintenance compared to a regular pool.  It means you use less chlorine, stabilizer, algaecide, and other maintenance products.  Moreover, running the pump or heating the water less during colder months will save considerable energy costs.  You’ll also see a noticeable difference in water replacement costs for backwashing and draining.

They’re Easier to Take Care of

If you have a small pool, you only need so many chemicals to keep it clean.  A smaller pool accumulates less dirt, leaves, and insects over time due to its smaller surface area.   Manually removing debris is also much easier, and the filter can work more efficiently on anything that finds its way into the water.  To make things even more accessible and prevent debris from falling into a pool, you can always use a pool cover.

They’re Better for Certain Activities

A smaller pool size, like that of a lounge pool, still offers great versatility like a regular-sized pool.  You can install a resistance jet system to swim in place or customize jets and seating for a superior hydrotherapy experience.  Besides, a smaller pool’s quick reaction to temperature adjustments makes switching between heated and cooled modes easier.

However, if you’re more into activities like swimming laps or playing water polo, you’re better off with a larger pool.  Ultimately, your lifestyle and preferences dictate which pool size suits you best.

Cons of a Plunge Pool

While there are some advantages to owning a plunge pool, it’s important to consider the drawbacks as well.  In fact, there are several significant disadvantages to choosing a plunge pool over a regular swimming pool.  By taking a closer look at these drawbacks, you can make a more informed decision about which type of pool is right for you.

They Don’t Have the Same Visual Impact

Although some stunning design options are available for plunge pools, they often have a different visual impact than a full-sized swimming pool.  A dipping pool may not meet your expectations if you want to make a statement or fill a larger backyard area for aesthetic purposes.

They Fit Fewer People

A smaller pool means fewer people can use it simultaneously, but we’ll say it anyway.

It can be challenging to give exact numbers since pool sizes vary.  Still, residential pools typically accommodate 6-10 people comfortably, while plunge pools are suitable for only 2-4 people before they become cramped.

It isn’t an issue for solo or couple activities, but plunge pools aren’t suitable for playing pool games or hosting pool parties.

They’re Limited to Exercising

It is important to note that plunge pools are best suited for exercises that require a small pool, such as hydrotherapy.  However, if you prefer lap swimming, diving, or group exercises like aerobics, a swimming pool would be a better option, as plunge pools may feel limiting.

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