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Who loves spending the afternoon lounging on a pool float? If you say everyone, well, there is a bit of discrepancy. In most cases, kids under 12 get bored just lounging around after a while. Keep in mind that selecting pool toys play a huge role in discovering other ways to have aquatic fun and creating confidence while in a pool.  Pool toys allow you and your kids to explore other types of aquatic fun while still enjoying all the water has to offer. The best ones keep every age entertained and enjoying a day in the water.

How to Choose the Best Pool Toys

In choosing the best toys, consider durability, flexibility, ease of use, and fun. Ask friends with similar toys for reviews, and ensure they are sun- and water-resistant. Ultimately, the best pool toys are the ones your children will most enjoy playing with and will help them associate fun with swimming. Inflatables are popular, but toys like aquatic board games can also help develop coordination and logical thinking skills while triggering a child’s imagination.

Here are some of the popular games that now have pool versions of the game:

Floating Bean Bag Toss

If the weather is too hot for playing cornhole on the lawn, you can take it to the pool. This inflatable game is perfect for those who love competition. It has a speed safety valve, which allows the pool toy to inflate and deflate within minutes. The set includes two cornhole boards and eight weighted bean bags for throwing. To make it more challenging, you can adjust the board to float instead of staying fixed for an ultimate gaming experience.

Flamingo Inflatable Ring Toss Game

Do you have fond memories of going to carnivals as a child? This summer, you can relive those moments with a fun inflatable ring toss game with a unique twist. The game features two inflatable flamingos and a set of eight foam rings in pink and green. To make the game even more adorable, the flamingos come with built-in straps that you can wear, like a hat, to add some extra height.

Tic Tac Toe Game

The game has large square windows, allowing children to practice hand-eye coordination by correctly placing the Xs and Os in the designated spots. It includes a 4-foot inflatable square and ten inflatable Xs and Os in blue and orange, which are easy to flip and display on either side of the accessory. It is also great to use on land; it is a versatile game for children and adults.

Classic Board Games Go Aquatic

In recent years, some toy companies released water versions of classic board games, becoming very popular amongst pool owners. They are great to place near the pool, and it is a tool to relieve children and adults from the summer heat.

Operation Splash Game 

Experience the classic Operation gameplay with a fun and splashy twist! Quickly remove all of the ailments to win before time runs out.

Would you like to take on the challenge? Connect the mat to a hose to activate the sprinkler and timer. You will have 25 seconds while getting soaked. Operation Splash is excellent for children to sharpen their timing and coordination skills.

Twister Splash

Do you remember playing Twister as a kid? The classic game that has been twisting players up for generations is now available as an outdoor water game, perfect for hours of summer fun! Experience the thrill of Twister with a splash! Spin the spinner and take your turn. Start strong with the right foot on red, then the left foot on green. Every spot on the Splash Mat sprays water, so use your hands or feet to cover them and see water shoot out from the others!

These suggestions will provide you, your loved ones, and your friends with an enjoyable experience in and around the pool. Please keep a watchful eye on children and prioritize safety at all times.