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Decorate Your Swimming Pool for the Holidays

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A few days ago, a reputable news service published an article on how the pandemic stole Christmas.  People around the world cannot wait for 2020 to end.  So, in place of this perspective, let’s get ready for the most significant time of the year.  The best way to get back the Holidays is bringing out the decorations.

It’s Winter – Get Christmassy!

A homeowner may not use the oasis for swimming during the cooler winter months as it is in the summer.   On the other hand, it is relaxing to view the pool with its accessories.

Ensure that the pool is clean and in good condition to make it look as bright as possible. Homeowners with swimming pools should have a preventive maintenance program specifically for the year’s colder months.

Decorating the swimming pool for any event or holiday was a trending thing to do; now it is an annual tradition for anyone who owns an oasis—adding decorations to a backyard will make it a special place to be, during the holidays!

Decorating Items

We all know that Christmas lights and poinsettias are great decorating items.  Why?

For sure, a Christmas tree doesn’t have to be the only thing decorated with lights. There are never enough holiday lights during this time of the year. They look great on hedges, trees, and around the landscaping in the backyard.  It creates the perfect atmosphere around the swimming pool.  Even if anyone is indoors, a well-lit pool is an elegant and warm image, making it the outdoor living area’s star.

If a swimming pool has water features, these accessories will make it look out of this world, especially when lit at nighttime.

Poinsettias are another great decorating item.  The traditional Christmas bloomer provides an elegant look to any area in the house.  Whether they are red or green petals, it gives an abundant feel when combined.

Besides the Lights 

Floating candles are another special decoration that makes a pool a great visual effect.  Or how about floating lit globes?  With these globes glowing in the oasis, the Holidays take a whole new meaning. Gentle LED light diffuses from within these free-floating orbs with static white, a fixed color, or continually changing colors for a magical effect.

Outdoor Dining Area

If there are plans of having an outdoor Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner, then decorating the table is a must.  Use colors such as red, green, gold, and silver in everything; from the placemats to the teaspoon, everything must ooze Holidays.  Many prefer to decorate with pinecones and candles, while others place mini-trees to give a fragrant pine smell. 

Imagine the lights of your new pool lit, floating candles, beautifully lit trees, poinsettias, jets jumping, and the sound of falling water. The family can enjoy it every night!

On behalf of the Platinum Pools’ family, we wish you all health and happiness throughout the Holiday Season.