Why Does it Take Longer to Build a Pool Now?

In Ask the Pool Experts by Platinum Pools

Building a swimming pool is an exciting process, and if you are like many homeowners, you want to complete it quickly to enjoy your new outdoor oasis. While construction time used to average a few months, today’s “new normal” caused longer construction times, leaving homeowners wondering how long it will take to build their pool.

Why have pool construction times increased so much?

High Demand for Swimming Pools

It’s no secret that we all need to do more exciting things without leaving the house. Playing in the backyard is great but having your swimming pool is even better. That’s why the demand for swimming pools is so high now. Since 2020, the trend of wanting an oasis has continued, and most pool builders now have a long waiting list to work through before they can start your project.

The good news is that this shows you are making a good decision! A swimming pool is excellent for having fun and making memories safely, all in the comfort of your own home. However, due to high demand, there may be construction delays. Check with your local swimming pool builder for the current construction schedule so you can prepare accordingly.

Shutdown Equals Delays

Building a pool is an extensive construction project. There is a design phase, and then your contractor must obtain permits from the city government before construction begins. Unfortunately, most city governments have fallen behind in processing permits and have limited staff to process them due to the prolonged shutdown.

Even after the offices and cities reopen, many are not necessarily at total capacity and will need time to catch up. So, it’s best to apply for your permits as early as possible, or you may experience further delays once your pool builder is ready.

Short Supply in Materials

The pandemic has affected all industries in 2020 and 2021, including construction. It means that construction materials are harder to come by and take longer than expected. Pool equipment manufacturers and pool material suppliers have had to halt or slow production as companies take extra precautions to stay safe and healthy. Some equipment is taking twice as long to arrive once we place our orders, simply because of the domino effect of the pandemic. The increasing number of customers building pools across the country also impacts this delay. Suppliers and builders suffer shortages when demand is exceptionally high.

It’s Worth the Wait Despite Everything

Even if your pool takes longer than usual to build, we can assure you that your new oasis will be worth the wait. In the end, you will have a safe and beautiful outdoor oasis to enjoy with your family and friends for years to come.

At Platinum Pools, our experienced staff will work closely with you throughout the design and construction process to always be aware of any delays that may affect your project. You can count on us to move as quickly as possible without compromising the integrity and quality you expect from our work.

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