Pool Pump Regulations

DOE’s New Pool Pump Regulations

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Everyone wants to have an energy-saving, environmentally friendly swimming pool.  It is a fact that homeowners want to get an estimate of energy and cost savings before buying a pool pump.  Get ready! The Department of Energy will enforce the weighted energy factor regulations, making it easier to do just that in 2021. 

What is Weighted Energy Factor?

A weighted energy factor (WEF) rating is like measuring a car’s efficiency in miles per gallon (MPG). A WEF rating will allow a buyer to compare energy efficiency between pumps.  Keep in mind that a higher WEF rating represents better efficiency. 

The DOE met with industry leaders to create a new standard for testing pool pump efficiency, resulting in the Weighted Energy Factor (WEF) rating system. 

Why the Change?

The WEF testing and labeling rules make it easier for consumers and pool professionals to evaluate and compare pool pumps’ energy efficiency. Although a pool pump can be the second largest energy consumption in a household after heating and air conditioning, manufacturers had no previous requirements to measure their pool pump’s regulations. To date, the only pumps required for energy efficiency testing were those who voluntarily qualified and listed under the ENERGY STAR® standard.  The DOE will require that all manufacturers test their merchandise pumps for energy efficiency instead of WEF rules.

Effect Timeline?

By July 19, 2021 pool pump regulations state that. all manufactured pool pumps included under the new rule must have test and label results with their WEF rating.

What This Represents to the Homeowner?

  • Consumers can quickly evaluate and compare new pool pumps’ energy-efficiency products.
  • It reduces the cost of running a pool pump and saves a significant amount of energy, representing lower monthly bills.
  • An ENERGY STAR certified pump can save money over the product’s life, and it typically pays for itself in two years or less.
  • A pool professional can choose from a variety of energy-saving pumps based on the size of your pool.
  • Pool pumps will carry WEF ratings starting in 2021 – remember, the higher the number, the better.
  • The WEF label must be on the pump to understand the relative energy-efficiency of each product.

How WEF ratings affect variable and non-variable speed pumps?

There is no distinction in the regulations for variable-speed and non-variable speed pumps. The rules require dedicated purpose pool pumps to meet minimum energy-efficiency standards. *

It’s easy for manufacturers to understand the regulations to ensure that the speed pumps meet the required single-speed and two-speed pumps < 1.0 THP, including booster pumps

These are The Pump Exemptions

The following pool pumps are exempt from meeting the minimum energy-efficiency standards:

  • Waterfall Pumps operating at ≤ 30 feet of head with a maximum speed of ≤ 1,800 RPM
  • Integral Sand- and Cartridge-Filter Pool Pumps
  • Storable Electric Spa / Rigid Electric Spa Pumps
  • Pumps with 3-Phase Motors

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*Department of Energy