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It’s Time to Build an Outdoor Kitchen

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Are you considering building an outdoor kitchen in your backyard?  If a homeowner wants to have a pool, how about adding an outdoor kitchen to the equation?  Outdoor kitchens are one trendiest feature to have in a backyard.  After all, if you like to cook and socialize, it will give you the best of both worlds.  There is no need to go in and out of the house, feel isolated, or worry about the food getting cold. 

Some homeowners are fortunate enough to have an outdoor area to eat or have a few snacks by the pool. Of course, building an outdoor kitchen requires the following:

1. Space

Outdoor kitchens do not require a vast space.  A homeowner may have a big or small backyard.  Therefore, a pool designer can recommend an area and the necessary kitchen components for cooking outdoors. 

2. Appliances

Having an outdoor kitchen is grand but adding a refrigerator or an ice maker requires electricity.  So, consider that “things happen” outdoors like rain, storms, a wind that carries leaves, little birds that perch and leave unwanted elements … it is better to ask a designer about casings and sink covers.

3. Pergola or Pavilion

In most cases, a pavilion or a pergola can go over the outdoor kitchen for shelter, create a dining area, and protect the appliances.  Outdoor structures are something you will want to also consider.

4. Bar Area

When building an outdoor kitchen look into having a bar area. These can be with or without high stools, defining the kitchen from the rest of the room. 

5. Illumination

Having lamps, hanging lights or any lighting system in an outdoor kitchen is a must.  There is indeed nothing better than the sun itself to cast light, but when the evening falls, and someone wants to enjoy dinner outdoors.  

6. Mini Outdoor Kitchens

Who says that the kitchens must be big?  If the homeowner wants a big kitchen, it will need a large plot of land. The truth is that a large kitchen requires a large tract of land.   For those who have a small backyard with a pool, the designer can create one that can have a grill and an area to store dishes, glasses, or drinks.  

There are other advantages to have an outdoor kitchen.  They provide space for entertaining family and friends, and it can also increase the value of your home. 

Are you ready for your new outdoor family room and kitchen? Don’t forget that Platinum Pools can walk you through the process. Call us today at 281.870.1600 or visit our website for a free quote.