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Does Rainwater Affect Pool Installation?

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Many people believe that summertime is the best time to install a swimming pool and beautify their outdoor space. However, building your pool during the peak season can be expensive, and therefore, consider adding your oasis during the off-season due to rainwater.

Weather plays an essential role in the successful completion of your pool construction project. In general, bad weather can delay the construction of a pool. So, does rain affect the construction of a pool?

Does Rain Affect Pool Insallation

In most cases, weather changes affect Gunite pool installation. Remember that it can take at least 28 days to cure. So, if it rains, the construction of the pool will undoubtedly be delayed. Also, pool builders must stop construction when it rains heavily. So, before you build a pool, you should check the weather forecast. It will help you have the right expectations for your project. If you have a reliable pool builder, he will always inform you about the best time to build your pool. Finally, it is essential to know that you can expect delays due to weather in the long run.

First, remember that the construction site needs to be completely dry before installing the pool. So, if it rained some time ago, you would need to leave the area to dry, usually taking a lot of time. Usually, the ground should be hard enough to support the weight of the excavation machines, rebar, and piping for the pool. So, it may take a few weeks for the site to dry out. The time depends, among other things, on the climatic conditions.

Suppose it rains after you have completed the excavation work; then, you will have to postpone the installation of the pool. The rainwater usually gets stuck in the excavated soil, and therefore, it takes longer for the rainwater to dry on the excavated soil. Alternatively, your pool builder may try to drain the water with special equipment. In either case, rainwater will cause a delay in the construction of the pool.

Rainwater Damages the Structure of the pool

If rainwater accumulates on the excavated pool wall, there is a risk that the walls will collapse. The soggy ground is likely to crumble. And this will affect the foundation structure of the pool. These adverse effects of rainfall will be worse if you have a roof without gutters. So, before building an oasis, ensure to install rain gutters.   Also, consider installing an efficient drainage system in your backyard, and it can help prevent water from accumulating in the excavated areas.

What Can Also Affect the Construction of a Pool

In addition to rainfall, wind can also slow down pool construction. Strong winds can blow debris onto cast and plaster surfaces, which will affect the pool’s uniform finish. Wind also causes the plaster to dry quickly, and this can cause cracks to form on the plaster pool surface. Also, concrete does not dry well in windy conditions.

How Rainwater Affects Pool Water Quality

Rainwater affects water quality by diluting and decreasing the percentage of chemicals in the pool, and it also causes the water chemistry to become unbalanced. Rain can also bring dirt, debris, and bacteria into your pool. Therefore, after rainfall, check the water chemistry and adjust it accordingly. In most cases, it will need to add chlorine to the oasis.

A Reliable Pool Construction Company is all You Need

Remember that delays in the construction of your pool are an inconvenience to you and your pool construction company. So do not be angry with your pool construction company. Every pool construction company wants to complete a project on time or as soon as possible.  However, you need to hire a reliable pool builder to handle your project. This way, you can be sure that you will get a high-quality pool.

Swimming pools bring great memories, and it is a great addition to a residential property. However, you need to install them accordingly. The time it takes to install the pool depends on various factors. For instance, rain often affects the installation of the pool, and it delays the construction process and can affect the pool’s structure. So, before you start building your pool, avoid unnecessary delays and hire Platinum Pools.  Call 281.870.1600 or visit our website for a free quote.