Swimming Pool Construction Timeline

Situations That Affect a Pools Construction Timeline

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It is an exciting moment when a homeowner decides to install a swimming pool. No matter if they use it for exercise, to cool down on a summer’s day, or to relax, an oasis updates the beauty of a backyard. However, pool construction is a process and which can have a complicated timeline. It is not just a hole in the ground but a procedure that requires the best workers to put it together. It represents plumbing, design, equipment, and more.

We understand homeowners look forward to transforming their backyard into the ultimate staycation. But the construction timeline can vary often. Not all pools and situations take the same amount of time to build. Also, unexpected events can cause delays in a pool construction timeline, like weather, soil type, and even a global pandemic. Platinum Pools has experience dealing with various issues that can delay pool construction. Regardless, we continue to work to bring a quality swimming pool to our clients.

Let’s take a look at some situations that can impact a pool construction timeline. 

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are the number one situation that impacts the timeline of a pool installation. Rain is a challenging factor, affecting specific building processes such as excavation. The soil gets too soft and unstable, to the point that it makes it impossible to give the shape needed for a pool. Also, a pool wall can cave in when the land is wet; builders would need to excavate again. If it rains after the excavation, builders will have to wait for the water to dry or remove the excess water with a pump.

Another issue is when the shape caves in after the rain. It means that builders cannot install steel reinforcement or plumbing systems.   

A wet ground can also delay the gunite application. Builders cannot get the trucks close enough due to wet soil. Builders can apply gunite to steel and the floor when wet, but not while is raining.  

Structure Removal 

Removing structures is another factor that can delay the timeline process. It happens many times when it comes to remodeling a swimming pool. And while it doesn’t seem like a problem, it can cause more delays.  

The structures disrupt the ground, leading to unstable soil. It is important to have the land stabilize to create the correct pool shape. Otherwise, removing the existing structure leads the ground to be unsafe, leaving it susceptible to cave-ins. These cave-ins lead to delays. 


If the weather impacts delaying the construction timeline, nothing will do it worse than soil. It is one of the least conspicuous yet most vital factors to consider since it influences the project’s design, construction, and maintenance. It contains many different components that each have pros and cons and makes it challenging to build pools.   

Before building a pool, contractors must consider that some soils are more expansive than others. Just the contact with water makes the land swollen. Another critical factor in the ground is whether it can compress under pressure or bear weight. 

And that’s not all; the presence of soft or sandy soil means that the excavation walls can collapse. If the soil is composed of clay, then it means that is expansive and absorbs water better than any soil type, making it worse.   

Size of Pool

If a homeowner only wants a swimming pool in a backyard, then the process can go smoothly. But, if there are amenities like spas, fire features, water features, or others, it can take more time.   

Pool accessories make fabulous additions to a backyard, but they extend the building timeline by a couple of months. As the saying goes, “good things come to those who wait,” and by the time the oasis is ready, the pool owner can enjoy it for years to come.  


COVID-19 created many challenges to pool builder in the United States: 

  • Material Shortages: companies that build and distribute pool parts are slowing down in production or closed down. Now, it takes longer to get them and, therefore, pushes the timeline back.
  • Permits: COVID-19 disrupted the ability to get document approval. It takes longer for inspections, approvals from electric providers, and building permits. No building company cannot start construction without having all documentation in order.

Now that the vaccine is available, we may see the light at the end of the tunnel. But without permit approvals or specific parts not arriving on time, delays the construction timeline.   

Remember, like any construction process, there will always be delays. It is important to us to keep you informed of anything that happens.

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