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Entertaining Areas Around Your Swimming Pool

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As we have said in past blogs, the backyard has now become the ultimate family room. The original swimming pool with a simple slab of concrete for its deck has now transformed into an exotic room made with beautiful natural stones and patterned concrete featuring artistic spectacles with water featuresfire featuresoutdoor living spaces, and more for everyone to enjoy. Here are a few recommendations for great entertaining areas around the pool:

Terrace, Pavilions and Pergolas

If your home has a terrace, transform it into the ultimate entertainment center. Add an outdoor kitchen or paving material to give an elegant look, the perfect area to watch a game, or enjoy an outdoor dinner by the pool.

Consider adding a pergola or a pavilion to your terrace. Both serve as outdoor structures where you can place furniture and seating. It’s a place in your backyard where you can entertain family and friends and is great for dinners, parties, or just hanging out. 

Swim-Up Bars

The swim-up bar continues to be one of the most popular pool amenities. What used to be a significant feature in many hotels worldwide, and later among the rich and famous, now exists in private homes as well, while it creates a resort atmosphere in your own backyard.

They provide a relaxing atmosphere and are great for entertaining family and guests, and it saves patio space, especially in small and medium-sized backyards. The children will also get great use out of it since it is great for serving snacks without them having to get out of the swimming pool.

Fire Pits

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting in front of an open fire while watching the stars? Fire pits are therapeutic, radiate warmth, and it is another way to enjoy the cold season while expanding the use of your backyard.

Fire pits are an often desired element to beautify a backyard. They are a place to bring family and friends together and enjoy a crisp, moonlit night with toasted marshmallows.

Lazy Rivers with an Entertainment Area

Imagine yourself on an island with a fire pit or a gazebo, surrounded by water. Well, that is what you can have when building a lazy backyard river pool. Once found only in water parks and luxury resorts, lazy rivers are now available to you and your family. The rush of water as they float through the landscape around a maze of rocks and waterfalls makes them a magical addition to any luxury garden. Lazy Rivers require careful planning and design. You can have a gazebo, pergola, pavilion, or just a bare island, add a bridge from the deck, and you are ready to gather with your friends and family.

Sunken Areas

When designing your pool, designers think outside the box. That’s right! Sunken areas are great for adding a fire pit, table, or seating in the pool’s center. Even in the summer, a table in the middle fits in nicely. If you are considering this proposal, remember that it needs an entrance; a beautiful bridge can create a conversational piece and make your oasis even more exciting. Combine the area with a pergola or gazebo to create a nice place to relax outdoors. When you add patio furniture, the outdoor family room has a whole new meaning. 

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