Reading By The Pool

Best Spots to Read in or By the Pool

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Some people have their perfect place to read a book. How about treating yourself to a book by the pool? Think about it for a bit. Only some activities are as satisfying as reading by the pool, but books and water do not mix. From the bright sun blinding your book pages to the constant threat of a splash getting your book or e-reader wet, there are a lot of obstacles to overcome before you can truly relax while flipping through your book poolside. Our experts at Platinum Pools will be happy to give you a tip on how to find the most comfortable and perfect spot in or around the pool for it. After all, relaxing by the water and reading one good book after another is a reader’s dream.

Reading Devices

Whether using your Kindle, iPad, tablet, or phone, that universal waterproof eReader protective case is a great accessory to bring by the pool. It has a string that comfortably lets it hang from around your neck; this is an intelligent thing to have, just in case.


There are many different types of inflatables available. From rafts to swan-shaped floaties, if you are looking for tanning while reading is great. However, many look for a more relaxed, virtually splash-free, and comfortable reading. The Cool Pod Sunshade Lounger has a footrest and an overhead shade, perfect for reading in the pool comfortably.   

If you prefer to read by the water rather than in it, then Ledge Lounger has many options of chairs you can choose from. Any reader can finish their book list and get a tan simultaneously.

Sunglasses and Hats

As we mentioned, the bright sun can cause a blinding glare on a book page or tablet screen. Use sunglasses and hats to avoid squinting while reading. 

Other Areas in The Pool for Reading

Now that the devices are ready, or if you have other waterproof devices, you can select any part of the pool you want to enjoy reading a bestseller. Apart from floating in the pool, there are two or three more areas in the pool to make it your aquatic reading room:

  • Tanning Shelf:  A tanning shelf gives you an idyllic area to enjoy a book. It has waterproof lounge chairs and a table, so you can feel refreshed, get a tan, and enjoy a good book all in one place. Also, you don’t have to submerge completely into the pool. 
  • Pool Bench:  Many homeowners are selecting pool benches for their pools. While it has many social functions, it is also a great place to sit and read a book. Part of the body may be in the water, but it keeps you refreshed and comfortable when reading. Another advantage is that it is next to the pool’s coping, allowing you to place your book or electronic device without getting it wet.
  • The Grotto:  You may think we are crazy for suggesting the grotto as a place to read. However, if you have your devices waterproofed, this should be fine. A grotto usually has a seating area, so you can read there and enjoy the sound of the water falling into the pool.
  • Swim-Up Bar:  A swim-up bar offers the best of both worlds – you can be in the pool while your reading material stays dry. However, make sure you are not near a splash area.

We leave you with the New York Times’ Top 10 Bestsellers of the week:

1.     THE LIGHT WE CARRY – Michelle Obama


The former first lady Michell Obama opens up in this new book, providing personal stories, and using tools to handle situations.

2.     I’M GLAD MY MOM DIED – Jennette McCurdy

Simon & Schuster

McCurdy describes the relationship with her mother and her eating disorders.



Famed actor Matthew Perry shares his stories about struggles with sobriety and his childhood.

4.     SURRENDER – Bono


Rock singer and activist Bono, lead vocalist of U2 gives details about his musical career, his life, and activism. 

5.     THE REVOLUTIONARY – Stacy Schiff

Little, Brown

The Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer details the life of Samuel Adams and his contribution to the American Revolution.

6.     THE SONG OF THE CELL – Siddhartha Mukherjee


A Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Mu provides a scientifical view on the discovery of cells and how modern medicine uses them

7.     AND THERE WAS LIGHT by Jon Meacham

Random House

Biographer Meacham brings another version on the life of former US president Abraham Lincoln.

8.     CRYING IN H MART by Michelle Zauner


The leader of indie rock project Japanese Breakfast reveals how she created her identity after her mother sucumbs to cancer.


Simon & Schuster

Musician and Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan takes the reader to explore the nature of popular music.


Random House

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author explains the sensory perceptions and ways of communication used by various animals.