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Everything You Need to Know About Pool Mastic

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You wouldn’t write a huge check for a financial investment you didn’t understand, would you? Installing an in ground pool is a huge investment in your property, which is why homeowners should understand how to care for their pools – or, at the very least when to call a professional!

We get a lot of questions about pool masticwhat it is, whether it matters, when to replace it, and how to repair it. Today, we are going to answer all these questions you have about pool mastic.

Pool Mastic

What is Pool Mastic?

Pool mastic generally refers to the expansion seal located several inches from your in ground pool’s edge. This expansion seal is filled with mastic, a waterproof, putty-like adhesive used as a joint-sealer between concrete sections.

Watch the video below as Platinum Pools’ President Scott Waldo explains what pool mastic is and why it matters for the care of your pool.

Why Does Pool Mastic Matter?

The pool mastic seal is vital to the care of an in-ground pool because it prevents water from seeping between the pool and your decking, which can cause the surrounding concrete to crack. Put more simply, your pool and deck both need a small margin of space to expand and contract with the weather, the pool mastic provides that space.

When Should I Replace Pool Mastic?

Pool mastic should be replaced when you notice the sealant in the expansion joint peeling or cracking. Other indicators include pool tiles falling off, cracks in your deck, or heaving (rising) in your deck. In fact, anytime you notice the concrete around your pool changing it means you should inspect your pool mastic.

How do I Repair My Pool Mastic?

As with most home repairs, you have two choices: DIY or hiring a professional. But, keep in mind, if you make a mistake, water could be leaking behind your pool or under your deck, which could require replacing your entire deck if not caught. Granted, that is the worst case scenario, but worth keeping in mind.

The Takeaway

Today, we learned what pool mastic is, why it matters to the health of your pool and deck, as well as when to replace it and how to go about repairing it. Have more questions about pool mastic? Feel free to send your questions through our Ask the Experts form.   You can also call Platinum Pools’ Service Department.  We are happy to help you with any issues that arise for your pool.  Our phone number is 281 870-1600.