How long it takes to build a swimming pool

How Long Does It Take To Build A Swimming Pool?

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After making the decision to build your custom swimming pool, how long doe it take to build a swimming pool is often the first question our clients ask. Which is fair – you want to know how long it will be before you are splashing around in your pool with the kids or lounging on a raft with a drink in your hand.

There are many factors that come into play to determine the amount of time it will take to build your swimming pool, including weather, permits, property/construction site and what style of pool is being built. Before we talk building time lines, let’s look at the different factors that can affect your pools construction time line.

Weather Delays

Weather and temperature fluctuations tend to be the top reason for construction delays. Concrete will dry best in warm sunny weather. Rain is not optimal. Platinum Pools does everything possible to ensure your building process is smooth, but weather can be unpredictable and is a factor.

Permit & Inspection Delays

Obtaining permits to build a pool on your property or waiting to have an inspection completed is an area where we have limited control. We work with the city and HOA, who don’t always work on our schedule. This is an area where our experience working with these systems is an asset, so delays are limited.

Property/Site Condition

A property that is open and easy to access is best but we understand some properties are challenging to enter. Platinum Pools will let you know before we start building if your site will require more time due to access issues.

Type of Pool

The type of pool you choose can have an impact on your build time. A free form pool without waterfalls and other accessories are quite easy to accomplish in a short amount of time. We want to build your perfect staycation so extras are usually apart of the building process. Platinum Pools has efficient crews with experience with waterfalls, fire pits, etc. Yes, these take extra time but are completely worth it.

So the Answer Is…

There are many factors that go into building your perfect backyard staycation and no pool is exactly the same. It takes six weeks to build your custom pool but with permits and city approvals we estimate a total build time of thirteen weeks. This is the standard time without any major factors like the ones listed above. Platinum Pools wants your experience to be a good one. We’ve hired three Construction Supervisors to guide you in the process and update you weekly. We have found this to be a positive addition and has helped the building process be an enjoyable one.