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Swimming Pool Building Permits in Katy, TX

In Construction Process by Platinum Pools

We all know that a swimming pool is a great asset.  It brings elegance to your backyard, and it adds value to your home.  The residents in Katy are no strangers to investing in one.  If you are new to the Houston area and you settled in Katy, be aware that building an oasis is not a walk in the clouds.  Each city in the Houston area has requirements and guidelines you must follow when building a pool.

As a reputable company for over twenty years, Platinum Pools believes in building fun with safety in mind. One of our goals is to inform everyone who wants a pool what to expect during the construction process.  We want to make your journey a smooth one, so here are the requirements you need to have your dream oasis in Katy. 

What You Need to Know About Building Permits in Katy

  • Since 2019, the City of Katy adopted the 2015 International Building Codes and the 2017 National Electrical Code. If you hire a pool company to build your pool, ensure that the plans comply with IBC and NEC regulations.
  • Katy is a Zoned City, so make sure that your friendly pool builder has the permits ready and at hand, before construction begins; and, yes, it is required for building swimming pools and spas, whether in-ground or above ground.
  • City inspectors are available for a pre-construction consultation, including how to fill out the forms and explaining how the inspection process works.

City Inspectors

Site Inspection

An inspector from the City will visit the property to verify that the land complies with the proposed plans.


The inspector will test the primary drain pressure (pressure test required @35 PSI for 15 minutes).  Pool and spa two main drains needed in each area, minimum 36” separation from each pipe.  The builder can install the drains vertically or horizontally.


There is also an inspection on backflow protection for fill line, P-trap, sewer connect, and, if applicable, yard drains. 

GTO Inspection

If the pool is heated, gas line and GTO must be inspected.

All PVC sealed in concrete decking requires Mastic.

A plumber must have a regulator on gas lines to appliances when being pressure tested.

Electric Inspections

Electric underground, light niche bonding, J box(es), and bonding of pool equipment.

Pool Deck Steel Inspection

A pool deck steel inspection includes electrical deck steel bonding.  If there is no concrete decking, then an equipotential bonding inspection is required.

Final Inspection

Your pool builder must ensure completion of all installations, including the pool filled with water and operating before final inspection.  All building, plumbing, and electrical inspection get a one-time review in the end.  THE POOL CANNOT BE USED UNTIL ALL FINAL INSPECTIONS HAVE PASSED.

A Builder’s Checklist

Before construction begins, your designer and construction workers must ensure the following requirements before requesting a permit:

Engineered Proximity Letter

If the excavation is less than five feet away from the foundation of a building or structure, the document will determine if it is in good standing to proceed with the project.

Overhead Electric Line

The power lines must be over 22.5 feet high from the water’s edge (recommended by the National Electrical Code).

Electric and Gas Blueprint

A layout of all wiring and gas connections, as well as other essential elements, is required for approval.

Utility Variance and Utility Easement

Contrary to Houston and Sugar Land, pavers are only allowed in the utility easement unless the City of Katy approves a utility variance.  The City of Katy has no jurisdiction over a utility easement.

Light Location

The plan must point out light positions inside the swimming pool.

VGB Compliant Drains

The builder must check for certification markings on the cover of the drain.  All drains must be in compliant with VGB requirements.  If you are not sure or cannot confirm, the best solution is to replace the drain cover.

Self-Closing/Latching Gate

As required by law in the state of Texas, the gates must be, at least, 48″ tall, self-closing and self-latching. It means that it must fully close and latch without any human intervention.

Door Alarms

All doors leading to the pool area must have an alarm located at five feet above the door threshold.  It must sound continuously for 30 seconds unless the homeowner signs a liability waiver with the City of Katy.

Steel Schedule

All in-ground swimming pools require steel bars to give shape to an oasis. The schedule provides information such as length, width, thickness, and the total number of bars based on the square footage of the pool.


Make sure your builder gets a copy of the plan in your home. It must include a drainage layout. In that way, they can submit a blueprint of the drainage system for your swimming pool.

Electric and Gas Blueprint

A layout of all wiring and gas connections, as well as other essential elements, is required for approval.

Fill Line Required

The city of Katy requires swimming pool builders to indicate the backflow device and line size to help maintain the water level in your swimming pool. Check for certification markings on the cover of the drain. All drains must be in compliant with VGB requirements. If you are not sure or cannot confirm, the best solution is to replace the drain cover.  

Exits at Each End of the Pool

To ensure safety, the city of Katy requires that the pool design includes exits on each side of the pool with steps, bench or ladder.

Gas Riser Diagram

The master Plumber must provide a plan that consists of size and length of each section of the gas pipe.  It must start from the meter to every take-off tee branch.  It includes divisions between the take-off branches tee branches as well as the size and length of all branches coming off the main gas line that supplies each appliance, including any new devices.

The Building Department in Katy approves all new construction and proposed improvements of existing structures to make sure they conform to all adopted building codes and city ordinances. Final approval of all plans, permits, and inspections rests with this department, assuring owners of sound construction.

If you live in Jersey Village, then don’t miss our blog next week.  We will keep you up to date with the requirements needed to have the pool of your dreams.  By the way, don’t forget that Platinum Pools has a team of experts ready to assist you to build your staycation.  Call us at 281.870.1600 or visit our website for a free quote.