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Buying a House with a Pool vs Buying a House without a Pool

In Ask the Pool Experts by Platinum Pools

Pools have been a popular staple for many homes since the mid-20th century. Homeowners want a space where they can swim and enjoy time outdoors privately, and when the pandemic shutdown in 2020 happened, many people used their vacation funds to create a staycation of their own.  However, if someone is looking to buy a home and is unsure whether to buy a home with or without a pool, keep in mind that there are several options.

Consider the Work that Comes with a Pool

Before you start looking at properties with pools or consider building one, consider the work that goes behind one of these fantastic water features.  Pools need to be properly maintained and may take up some hours throughout the week and cause some homeowners to fret over the fact that they have a pool. Instead of doing this work yourself, hire a pool maintenance company that understands your needs so all you must do is spend time in your pool enjoying it.

See the Price Differences in Your Area

Price differences are important because they tell you whether it is worth doing.  Look at the cost of a property with a pool first.  Do the same at looking at a property with a similar house size and model but without a pool.  If the cost difference is extremely small, you may be paying more to install a pool than you would.  Building a pool is not just about the pool itself; it’s also about installing a deck, laying tile, and ensuring your lawn is level enough to support the pool.

Consider if There’s a Property You’ve Fallen For

If you decide on a home that does not yet have a pool, consider adding one to the property.  It is better to spend money on an oasis and everything that goes with it, such as landscape drainage, to have everything else you want in a property.

Every property has its quirks, pros, and cons.  If the only thing you like is the pool, it’s not worth the cost.  Instead, pick a property/location you love, and see if the backyard is suitable for a pool or if a pool already exists.

Consider how you’ll Pay for the Pool

Payment is important. Will you be financing the pool or paying for it with cash? That’s a huge expense that most people do not want to consider.  However, you do not have to worry about construction if you buy a property that already has a pool. In this case, the cost of the pool is automatically part of your mortgage.

You Deserve the House and Pool of Your Dreams

Whether you have always loved Victorian homes and have not found one with a pool you like, or you are tight on funds and do not want to wait to build a pool: You deserve a property that makes you happy. Consider one of the options above.

Whether you are buying a home with a pool or designing and building your dream pool, remember that Platinum Pools is happy to help you with all your needs, whether it’s building a new pool or remodeling an existing one.  Call us today at 281.870.1600 or visit our website for a quote.