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When is the Best Time to Renovate a Swimming Pool?

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Summer is almost over, but we Texans are finding ways to extend the use of a swimming pool. Funny enough, this is a good time to consider and plan for possible pool renovations or repairs in your backyard. A homeowner should do these renovations before the warmer weather arrives to enjoy a newly renovated pool during the summer. The months between October and April are an ideal time for updating your oasis before summer arrives.

A swimming pool is an investment, especially an in-ground oasis. There are many pool shapes and models, each with its benefits. 

The Lifespan of In-Ground Pools

In-ground pools last a very long time – longer than most people live in their homes, to be exact. Because the structures are so solid, there is usually no need for significant repairs as long as a homeowner follows proper routine maintenance.   

Reasons to Renovate a Swimming Pool

A comprehensive renovation will help bring your pool up to code. Sometimes small changes to various elements of your pool are all that are needed. These are the most common renovation options:


This is often most important for one reason… potential leaks. If a homeowner notices a crack in a pool, wet spots near the oasis, tiles falling off, or significant water loss, it’s time for a repair. Delaying repairs can make the situation worse. 

Replace and Repair Tiles and Coping

Just like replacing your pool, if you notice cracked tiles or coping, you should hire a pool contractor like Platinum Pools to repair and replace the damaged product, and even apply sealant if needed.

Patio – Replace or Expand

If a patio is outdated or needs more space for entertaining around the pool, adding new materials to a backyard helps enhance the outdoor family room.

Fire Elements

These elements will enhance a garden, whether a fire bowl or a fire pit. Not only do they make a backyard more impressive, but they are also a reason to use this part of a home even more.

Water Features

Water features are useful to make an outdoor space more serene. Choosing water sconces and scuppers, waterfalls, and grottos can create an oasis that is more relaxing and, therefore, more attractive.

Energy Efficient Equipment and Automation

If you want to save money with your swimming pool, you should replace your pool’s standard lighting with LED. Not only does it save money, but an automation system can also help save electricity consumption.

Best Time to Renovate Your Pool

In our experience, building or renovating a pool in the fall, winter, and spring has many benefits. Even early spring is a better time than the middle of summer. Let us explain:

Lower Pool Usage

An outdoor swimming pool does not get as much use in the fall, winter, and spring as in the summer (unless you have an indoor pool).


Depending on how you want to remodel your oasis, you should plan, so you do not have to put everything off until the last minute.


In most cases, the fall and winter seasons do not bring as much rain. However, keep in mind that every rainy day will delay the completion of your project. Doing most of your work on clear, sunny days is essential.

Faster and Smoother Renovations

Many renovations also require replacing equipment; it is faster and without weather-related delays in the fall, winter, and spring.

Ready for Summer

You want to be able to use your oasis as soon as the temperatures rise. Consider renovating or repairing your swimming pool well in advance of summer. Putting off renovations or repairs for a long time can be detrimental to your pool, so sooner is always better than later.


While a swimming pool is under repairs, it is a good idea to repair the yard and areas around the oasis once the pool renovations are completed. Check a Farmer’s Almanac to see when the best time to plant is useful, or hire a landscaper to do the job.

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