Custom negative edge infinity pool

How an Infinity-Edge Works?

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When the infinity-edge pool became popular in the early 2000s, the feature became popular amongst homeowners who wanted to have a luxurious resort feel with their oasis. If the property is near a body of water, then the infinity-edge opens up to a new look to a backyard.  

Luxury Beginnings

Modernist architect John Lautner began building swimming pools with a vanishing edge in southern California in the mid 20th century. At the Silvertop home commissioned by industrialist Kenneth Reiner, one of his famous early designs was “a cantilevered swimming pool that seems to flow directly into Silver Lake Reservoir far below.” However, it took a James Bond movie to popularize the infinity-edge pool.

Equipment Technique

Traditional swimming pools have a closed filtering circuit. The water goes in the pump through skimmers; it is then filtered and pumped back into the oasis. Apart from the filter’s washing, the only loss of water is through evaporation. The water level is approximately 15 cm below the coping stones.

With an infinity pool, the water goes into a tank/basin. It filters the water and goes back through outlets, causing an overflow.  

The water flows into a gutter, accumulating it and then redirecting by gravity into a tank/basin. Even if there is a closed-circuit filter system, the same water circulates, so there is no waste.  


If the pool has an infinity edge, then the tank/basin is essential. It is from there that the pump will suck the water to cause an overflow. Then, there is volume calculation. The amount of water and the pump flow rate calculated based on the edge’s length and the number of swimmers expected. 

A collector’s function is to gather water that overflows from the pool and fill the tank. Usually, the collector is below the side of the edge where the water flows. In a zero-deck level pool, found around the entire perimeter of the pool.

An essential function in reverse hydraulic technique is the use of bottom inlet nozzles. Another integral part is the balancing tank level control system. Its role is to avoid water losses. A no-return or check valve and a solenoid valve to fill the tank automatically are also necessary.   


An infinity-edge pool helps to keep the water clean and recyclable over the entire surface, where it accumulates dust, oil, pollens, etc. Besides, the bottom inlets allow impurities to rise to the surface. 

A zero-edge pool with the water level at the same level as the coping stones brings a zen feeling to a garden, even if it is small.

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