Travertine Paver Decking

Paver Decking Style & Pattern Options

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Is your backyard getting a makeover? Remember that there are many options to consider, and you cannot forget the pool deck. There are many materials available, and one of them is Paver Decking.

The advantage of getting a paver deck is the variety of patterns available, from modular paver patterns to more traditional laying patterns. Pavers also give you many ways to match different styles, shapes, and ways to create an exciting design.

Interesting enough, there are always those that are the most popular. It all depends on the size of the patio and the colors you want. So, which one would you choose?

Traditional Patterns

Many homeowners like to go with a rectangular and cobble-style paver placed in a traditional pattern. It goes well for smaller spaces:

Running Bond

Running Bond is when pavers are placed in rows going in the same direction. However, you can go creative by alternating color tones, borders, and pattern direction.


Herringbone is another popular pattern placing pavers in a zig-zag way. Using a contrasting border along the patio edges helps to add pizzazz to a herringbone design.


Basketweave is a pattern in a rectangular paver creating a block design. It adds a contemporary flair, and it is easy to alternate color tones or direction..

Circular Pattern

It is an ideal choice for a circular space and other layouts. When combined with different patio paver designs, it’s a fantastic way to add a spark of visual interest to larger areas. Depending on the structure and scale of your space, a half-circle can be a wiser choice.

Patio Borders

Paver Borders can bring a new dimension to a laying pattern. It can range by using the same paver at a different angle or using a different color, shape, or style. There are many border paver pattern options, and the possibilities are endless.

Soldier Course Borders

Soldier Course Borders are a popular laying pattern for a border. The rectangular pavers are placed side by side in a row. Also, put it lengthwise in one or more rows. Some homeowners like to do a combination of tones for a striking look.

Inlaid Patio Borders

Opposite to a Soldier Course, the Striking paver pattern is more creative. It is just creating a contrast border more inside to paver decking.

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