How to clean outdoor furniture cushions

How to Clean Your Outdoor Furniture Cushions

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It’s that time of the year again!  Time to put away everything winter-related; throw away what you don’t use; rearrange the furniture and do some deep spring cleaning.  During the long and tedious process of spring cleaning, you may forget your outdoor furniture.  Believe it, or not, many people forget that the backyard is also part of their home. Oh no!

With winter going away and with spring upon us in Texas, means dust, pollen, and other allergens are in the air.  These airborne allergens can accumulate on your outdoor cushions (especially pollen) adding a yellow tinge to your cushions.  If you use a power hose to clean off your cushions, it may destroy your cushions and become a mess, resulting in you having to buy a new set of cushions for your outdoor furniture.

We have a safe and easy solution that will make your outdoor cushions look as good as new.

You Will Need:


  • Dishwashing Detergent

Dishwashing Detergent

  • Warm Water

Warm Water to Clean Outdoor Cushions

  • Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle

  • Scrub Brush

Scrub Brush

  • Garden Hose

garden hose to clean outdoor cushions

Prepare the cleaning solution with ¾ of the spray bottle of warm water, add two squirts of dishwashing detergent into the spray bottle, and shake until you see suds forming inside the spray bottle.

Now you are ready to clean your outdoor furniture cushions!

  1. Remove the cushions from the furniture.
  2. Use the garden hose to rinse off any pollen or loose debris from the cushions.
  3. Proceed to spray the cleaning solutions heavily on both sides of the cushions.
  4. Use the brush to scrub out all grime and dirt out of the cushions.
  5. Use the garden hose again to rinse out the cushions until clean.

(In some cases, a second scrubbing is necessary.  Just repeat steps one through five.)

  1. After the cushions are rinsed out, place them standing up. This will help to drain out any liquid residue and will help to avoid forming any type of mold or mildew.

In case the cushions are attached to the patio furniture, proceed with the steps mentioned above.  Once done, turn the chairs to one side so the liquid can drain out of the cushions.  If it is a sunny day, place the patio furniture under the sun so the cushions will dry faster.

One of our colleagues used this method to clean her patio furniture cushions last weekend, and it worked!

Let us know how it goes with your outdoor cleaning experience.  We invite you to leave your comments below or on our Facebook page.

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