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How to Get the Sand Out of a Pool

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If you have ever swum in a pool and felt something sandy on your feet, you may have wondered where the sand comes from.  Not only is it a nuisance, but it can cause severe damage to your pool if left unchecked.  This blog post will explain where sand comes from and how to remove it!

Why is There Sand in my Pool?

There are several different reasons why there may be sand in a pool.  The most common cause is a sand filter for your inground pool.  Sand filters are economical and do an excellent job of filtering out dirt and debris.  However, if your sand filter is not maintained correctly, it can cause a buildup of dirt and debris.  It can begin to break down and release sand into your pool. 

If your sand filter is the problem, it is usually due to a faulty side pipe or standpipe that you can easily replace.

However, if you do not have a sand filter, there are a few other possible reasons for the sand.  One possibility is that your pool is near a beach.

In this case, you might find sand in your pool after a storm or high tide.  Another possibility is that your pool is on or near a construction site.

Construction sites often use sand as part of the building process, and if your pool is nearby, you could find sand in your pool.

How to Remove Sand from Your Pool

Now that you know where the sand is coming from, it’s time to remove it!  A pool vacuum cleaner is the best way to remove sand from your pool.  Here is how:

Preparing your Pool Vacuum

A pool vacuum is a unique vacuum cleaner that removes sand and debris from your pool.  Before using your pool vacuum, ensure it’s appropriately assembled and that all hoses attach securely.

You also need to ensure that your pool’s skimmer basket is empty.  The skimmer basket catches leaves and debris that fall into your pool.  The vacuum cleaner will have difficulty sucking up the sand if it is full.

To empty the skimmer basket, remove it from the skimmer and pour out the contents.  It is an excellent opportunity to rinse the basket thoroughly with a hose to remove any debris that may have become trapped inside.

Vacuuming the Pool

Now that your pool vacuum is ready, you can start vacuuming!  Start by placing the suction head in the deepest part of your pool.

Then, slowly move the vacuum back and forth in the pool.  Be sure to vacuum the entire bottom of your pool, so you do not miss any sand.

As you vacuum, it will suck the sand, dirt, and debris into the filter bag.  When you have vacuumed the entire pool, empty the filter bag, and thoroughly brush your pool to remove any sand stuck to the sides or bottom.

Final Considerations

As you can see, removing sand from your pool is a relatively simple process.  However, it’s essential to vacuum your pool regularly to prevent the buildup of sand and debris.

Platinum Pools has a team of experts that can help you, including how to vacuum your pool or need help fixing a problem, as well as help keep your pool clean and sand-free all season long!  Call us today at 281-870-1600.